Fishing is kind of a pain in the rear

Trying to catch catfish for MSQ because I need to make body lantern potions. 8 of them, or 16 catfish.

I’ve been fishing for probably about ~50+ minutes (using youtube videos as guidance) and here is what I’ve caught using what we the players think catfish like:

Spoilers Tooth, feather, tongue

About 3 &1/2 lures into it:

Only 8 catfish. I get all these fish I don’t want. Why aren’t lures more targeted? Or is fishing just so kept secret for an unknown reason that players are wrong about the lures? Seems like something civilization would know about and have books on.

Just use one lure component to get less fish interference (the main one). And find the correct water (for maybe even 0 other fish with same main component interference). Using more components is not going to help alot in catch rate (I never noticed a difference ever with more components on any fish). An aged fish scent potion will help though.

Spoilers Can't use less lures because green bellied bass like tongues(and teeth) and sunfish like tongues. I suppose I could cut down to teeth+feather and try that to cut out sunfish. Large minnow like tongues and teeth. afaik, feathers and fingers are just "extra" yet this "extra" does not seem to help me target catfish.

I’m fishing in the only recorded spot of water that catfish can be caught.

What is the water you fished in?

Spoilers Highsteppe Graveyard/Waterfall.

My catch rate is noticeably lower, I’ve thrown many more empty casts out. With 3 lures it was a bite every cast. I’ve even chained failing to get a bite 4x in a row with long-casts. However my catfish rate has (subjectively on a short amount of time) increased. It might not actually be a truly higher catch-rate, but just faster because I am not wrestling in sunfishes and am pulling in empty lures. Can’t tell immediately. Not using potions atm, I get they are useful but I always think of that as heavy-weight fishing and am not enamored by the idea of needing to chug one for a handful of fish.

Mmmmh strange it was fine in the past at highsteppe graveyard, so I guess maybe something changed with the water. (which was a mass complaint about other fish too months ago out of nowhere)
Only sunfish and catfish were be able to be caught there in the past.

You can get minnow there as well and apparently phoenix fish and Jelmiry(but that is the legendary, I think so I’d assume it moves)

yeah phoenix and Jelmery are there too but wasn’t relevant for this problem that is why I didn’t mention it :sweat_smile:


Well I guess try out the tooth + feathers at graveyard and see what happens.

Fishing Spoilers

Use Tooth+Feather (rotten finger helps too) at the top of the waterfall and you’ll get only catfish

You can also buy the body lantern potions at stall 9 :wink:


Some reason the fish at highsteppe have changed in the past few months, before you couldn’t get minnow or bass there, they moved the minnow out during the beta to make it so fish could be caught without as much crossover with minnow, no idea when bass started showing there


Spoilers Using feather+tooth (didn't bank my fish) - 8 catfish, 8 green bellied bass, 11 minnow.

I’m surprised that, by using a feather, catfish were not more common than the bass who only look for teeth. The minnow also only look for teeth on this recipe, yet I saw 11. It’s a small sample size though.

The minnow shouldn’t have like any reel resistance whatsoever imo, unless these suckers are huge. Some of these smaller fish put up too much of a fight and it slows down your catches per hour.

Hm I’ll go and try that right now just to test it. Player resources “need to” update it would seem. An in-game mechanic or knowledge base would be better though.

Catfish, bass and minnow all have tooth as a primary component which is why you’re getting all 3 in the bottom part of the lake in highsteppe, something has changed with the fish there in the past few months

@Robert I remember you removing minnow from highsteppe completely during the beta, do you know why they have returned here? They weren’t here for the 1st 6month-ish of reborn from that I can remember

Where did you read about that lure combo? This is what I posted in the #resources on the unofficial discord:

Fishing Spoilers

monday knights map

@Atropos Can you change the Small tooth + Tongue + Feather lure on your map, it’s incorrect and causing confusion for people, Just Small tooth + Feather works fine

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Spoilers Top of the waterfall was significantly better. No bass or minnow. Used about 2 lures with tooth+feather and finished off a 22/30 tooth+feather+tongue. The catch rate was pretty abysmal at times but I only got catfish so it went a lot faster. Also part of the pond at the top of the waterfall is bugged and instantly fails your cast.

16 catfish, 3 sunfish

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