Fishing Legendries

So, in every other game that includes fishing, there’s a chance to fish up “junk” items. I think this is an idea orbus can benefit from a lot, be able to fish up lures for fish that spawn in the area to let newer fishers have an easier time learning lure crafting. For example, you’re fishing for Eels, and you have a chance at catching a 18/30 Eye Worm, Shiny Metal Lure, you try it out and start catching Pheonix Fish. That would be an awesome mechanic. Also making room to implement legendary drops/transmogs. Fishing up a legendary fishing rod or reeling in Legendary: Da Magestic Flounder Crown Transmog. That would function the same as cat ears/halo but be the flounder’s crown. I’ve talked to many people who feel as if every minute they aren’t grinding out enemy kills, they’re losing a chance at a legendary. Not only would an idea like this fix that problem of players feeling like time could be better spent, but also make way for some cool new ocean legendary overworld drop, even more so with the recent edition of the Cove Dungeon. Just an idea a friend and I thought of while fishing.


I like the idea a lot, but if it does get implemented I wish there to also be a way to reduce the chance of getting used lures or the “junk” so to speak.
Fishing legendaries would be dope, just wish it was a thing when I fished up all my weight lol

I assume over levels could solve that, the more you level your double catch the lower the junk table goes down, imagine getting a double catch on a used lure, or better yet double catching a fishing legendary!

I love that idea! There’s not many people who go fishing, so that would also incentivize more people to go and try it. And I’d love to see a flounder crown, and maybe something like a Kylakin Mermaid Tail, a Jelmiry Cape, or Blimp Fish Mittens.

For the junk items, you could add them without reducing the chance of catching actual fish by only making them appear when nothing bites. Maybe even when you don’t have a lure on your hook at all. That way, new fishers will get more lures to try, and people trying to fish for stacks and stacks of fish with a good lure and fishing potions won’t get their yield reduced.

Then, the junk items could also include something like tinkering mats, and maybe the occasional weak or ruined potion.


Love this idea.

Fishing up lures is a pretty novel idea but I would want a way to reduce catching them if I’m targeting a certain fish. I’d prob end up trashing them because I already know what I’m after.

I really like the junk idea for when we lose a hook or when nothing bites at all. For fishing using no lure, well, I’m not sure of what to think. First thing that comes in my mind are players spamming casts just to get junk.

Some types of lure like tongues and eyes drop fairly often from easy enemies. I would prefer other types of junk, like tinkering mat and weak pots as you mentioned, I’d also include “one Dram” (lol), treats for the dragons, rusty weapons (which could be a rarer junk but still be broken for Minor Shards) and fragments, which would be even rarer, but when finding one specific fragment in each of the fishing locations, could be assembled into a transmog item, or even into new tools




OMG yes! it would be so cool to fish up weapon parts as a fish transmog, like a hammerhead shark pali hammer, and it comes in two pieces the handle and the hammer head. Or a swordfish warrior sword, just have some really silly weapon choices.