Fishing, Quest vs Index

So while my Index was being RMA’d I used my quest and noticed how much faster it was for fishing than index, or more so, how slow the index is compared to quest (rift also faster than index but don’t have side-by-side testing)

All testing was done on my alt with the same conditions, potions, distance etc. As you can see, I can get almost 3 Flounder on quest per 1 on Index because the reel rate is so much slower and/or the line appears to turn red a lot quicker/over less distance

Potato had a theory that it could be a SteamVR thing (like lots of broken stuff for SteamVR) though I haven’t tested that yet, I just really wanted to show how bad this is for index users, especially now as there is a summer event coming up and it is supposed to be fishing related

Q3: Summer Fest
Summer is the fishing season in Patreayl! During the warm weather months, the citizens of Highsteppe come together to fish the bounty of the country’s lakes in preparation for winter. Help gather enough resources to sustain the city through the colder months by gathering lure parts, making deliveries, and taking up the pole to do a little fishing yourself

Please don’t ignore this :pleading_face:


dont know how it works nowadays, but used to directly relate to the graphics you scrolled past in the old game. You could literally change your fishing speed by swapping the the in-game graphics and changing supersampling.

In game Graphics don’t change anything anymore, but the quest has a lower graphics setting

Can confirm. Even though we use the same fishing techniques, I’m pulling in around 75-80 fish every 20 minutes to the 50-60 Rick is. While I’m not complaining about the amount I get, it’s not exactly fair that him having a better headset means he gets fewer fish.

It’s closer to 45-50 for me :frowning:

Old game it was FPS for me. On purpose looking straight up in the sky for more fps made me fish faster. Alot faster. No clue about now.

doubt it’s FPS related anymore tho, then the index should be the best headset for fishing and the quest worst.

I’m routinely running 45fps while fishing. It slows me down somewhat, but the output is still very different

I just jumped on Revive to test and there is a huge difference between Index on SteamVR and Index on Revive which is what potato said he thought it might be when we were talking about it

I don’t have a recording for this but I can probably get that later today

But another important difference is, the vibration… on Index with SteamVR the vibration is perfect, you can tell when a fish bites and don’t really have to focus too much on what you’re doing, like how it used to be with old orbus fishing. vibration in Index with Revive is terrible, you have no idea when it bites, it just vibrates as you reel and there is no difference at all when you get a bite, if I wasn’t watching for the splash when they bite I wouldn’t have known that I had a bite which is another problem which needs addressing for oculus users

So a quick summary:

  • SteamVR - Very bad reel rate - amazing vibration
  • Revive - Very good reel rate - terrible vibration

I rarely fish for physical reasons however it is around 40 or even less for me if I do (Rift S; Oculus Home). Also some rates like clown fish seem to be incredibly low for no specific reason; I get empty lures like every 3rd try no matter what spot.
At least 2-3 times per fishing potion the rod bugs out (red line, vibration, line disappears, you can reel in forever) and rod needs to be re-equipped.
Vibration on bite is like non-existent, or rather all-too-present, tried with different vibration settings, no visual indicator either, so I have to pull the line up every few secs to “guess” and not miss out.

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