Fishing question

ive been doing a lot of fishing and trying different ways of casting and different things like letting it float in or reel it in and i cant seem to tell how fishing works. is it just pure chance when its in the water and does it matter how long its on for? i seem to be lucky to get 1 fish from 30 durability on a lure. anyone got any tips on a more reliable method of getting bites?

The farther you cast the better off you are, you are loosing durabillity if you make a 1 ft cast into water or a 100 ft cast.

Secondly make sure you are using the right Lure for what fish are in that specific lake/river/ocean.

Here are the Fish from the Wiki, although there are more in game than just these fish.

A couple of known fish and their locations and lures to get you started:

Sunfish: A very common fish which can be found in bodies of water in the first zone, such as Kingsport Lake. Reacts to the Lesser Eye and Small Tongue.

Green Bellied Bass: A common fish which can be found in the beginner zone. Reacts well to the Small Tongue and Small Tooth.

Katyharan Catfish: An uncommon fish which can be found in the Patreayl Rainforest. Reacts to Feathers

so does it matter if i reel it in while its in or should i let it float cause if distance matters for durability then does how long its in the water matter as well?

Reeling it in will let you get the “chances” more quickly, but the number of chances you get is determined by how far you cast it. Reeling it in yourself just speeds up the process.

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So if you don’t reel it in you have the same amount of changes? But you have to wait longer?

Right, exactly.

The idea is basically that if you want to be fishing as quickly as possible, you can reel it in. If you just want to be more relaxed and aren’t in a hurry because you’re taking a break, you can let it bob toward shore on its own. Either way you’re getting the same number of chances to catch the fish (again, depending on how far out you cast and your lure).

The “how far out you cast determines how many chances you get” comes into play because the farther out you cast, the farther you may have to reel in a fish on the hook (and the more chance of your line breaking). So it’s like a risk/reward of, do I cast a medium/close distance and if I get a bite I’ll have an easier time reeling it in, but I’ll get fewer overall chances on this lure before it breaks, or do I cast really far and maximize the use of this lure, but risk snapping my line if I hook a fish far from shore?


And you know it is gonna snap when your rod gets really red, right? I can reel a fish in as fast as possible with pulling multiple times and the color of the rod does not change and nothing breaks for me (just tested it again and went all ape to reel in a dwarf shark haha). I have never seen the rod change color in every single alpha test. like 5 tests in a row now where I tested it haha. But I have seen a video from someone where the color changes.

I have to note that I am left handed. That could be the problem. Just like the inverted text from previous tests were happening for people equiping the rod with the left hand.

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Ohhhh, maybe that is it? Interesting. I’ll take a look at that. Becuase it worked for me when I tested it but I have it in the right slot.

FYI, it’s not the rod that changes color but the fishing line itself, going from white to red.

That is what I get with bringing back a memory of 2 months ago haha. Yeah nothing changes color. So also the line doesn’t become red for me. (Just checked the vid again also to refresh my memory)