Fishing with non-vibrating controllers

Haptic feedback on my Rift S controllers stopped working sometime ago. I dont know why. Could be latest firmware, because of them stopped vibrating after that.

Anyways. Fishing is really hard or impossible. There are often times where i cant see splash. Usually i dont even see that red white thing above surface at all.

Im suggesting some kind of visual clue on rod itself to know when fish bites. I believe that i wont be first or last person with vibrating issues.


+1 on this. During daytime with the white splotches in the water, or the lure going underwater, I end up just constantly yanking on the pole so I don’t miss a fish.

Gets exhausting and I’m sure the neighbors are wondering what I’m doing flailing my arms around and pumping up and down repeatedly.


While I would love for fishing to be improved, visual improvements for the bobber would be great but I would also like for the vibration to be improved with it, it’s difficult to tell when you get a bite while reeling in and as that’s the most efficient way of fishing you end up just constantly trying to hook until you notice the line starting to go red, at least that’s how I’ve been doing it since reborn and it’s not enjoyable, preborn fishing was much nicer to do and I’d do it for hours on end while watching netflix, and now I’ve barely fished in reborn in comparison

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I’d say the easiest solution is to remove the vibration while reeling in, and only make it vibrate when a fish bites


Doesn’t help those of us with no vibration :frowning:

Oh yeah true

Reinstall Oculus software. I admit. Vibration is shitty on rift s and worse on quest. But still there on both. So if both controllers stopped working at the same time, possible software issue on your end.

I have this error since I got my Rift S, since weeks now, it has nothing to do with software, updates or such (for me). And yes, vibration works, but not in a way that you can fish with it; there is no middle way in the settings, either it vibrates all the time or not at all no matter what I set in option so you will never notice a bite… on my Rift (Original) which I also use all is fine.

And I too believe there should not be any vibration while reeling in, only when you got a bite, vibration is eating up the batteries anyway and should be the exception to indicate something special, not a whole process.

Also for those wanting (or forced) to fish w/o vibration a message would perhaps be possible on bite, similar to those popping up if you get nibbles or finish crafting a potion?

Ooh I didn’t know you had to deal with that. So thats the reason you stopped fishing? Was this also reported?..

Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s been mentioned a few times, I’ve not tried fishing on my index but it’s terrible on oculus touch controllers.

Remember how they added the option to change controller vibration strength? Well that option was just to turn it down, it came maxed out, so that didn’t help at all :confused:

I finally got my haptic feedback working again. Atleast on Beat saber it works, but i believe it should work on Orbus too.

What i did to make it work?

  1. I run Oculus install program. Clicked “Repair”
  2. I removed batteries on controllers for about 5minutes. Then i went to “devices” and clicked “remove device”. Re-inserted batteries and then re-paired controllers.
  3. I restarted Oculus software.
  4. I unplugged USB for about 10 seconds and then replugged.

I dont know, if all of those steps are necessary, but thats what i did in that particular order.

Even though I don’t fish when I do it rarely it is the same as you mentioned. Haptics work but vibrate constantly while reeling. Best way to hook is to just keep trying until it hooks.

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