Fix lich king please

please for the love of god fix lich king! i’m sitting there fighting skeletons and the boss turns and bolts me. in the back. and kills me. like bro. it’s breaking shards because the walk back is a straight up journey. I’m also talking about all bugs like when he starts running in place.


He bolted you while the skeletons were alive?

yup. big shield and hand in the air and all. he just spins and bolts.

It’s a rare bug, but ya, he’ll occasionally bolt or do a melee attack if you’re close enough despite being shielded/having adds out.

also make it so he cant one tap paladins?? and fix the skywalk issue

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My opinion is that we shouldn’t need to walk back either. Either respawn us near the most recent boss or add portals that open once you’ve been in combat with it. I’d imagine not everyone will agree with it since speed runs but it would be a nice qol feature.

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I believe this happens when he has “turned” but the death burst is still going in that direction. It’s not that random or hard to avoid.


a random bolt when everyone is focusing on skeletons is a little hard to avoid. no reason to not fix it.

Serious question: how do we know this isn’t an intended mechanic? i’m pretty sure there are ways to get him to consistently not bolt (e.g. tank stays within melee range of boss even during skelly phase), and the whole boss is about choosing when to get bolted or not depending on range from the boss.

if it is, fair enough but my understanding has always been that its a bug. if a dev could confirm or deny this, that’d be great.

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The main reason I feel like it might not be a bug is that it is avoidable. I dont believe it is random as well. It has to do with if he’s turned a timing of death burst. Pretty sure I’ve seen @NotScott call it out before but I’m not sure of the exact circumstances. Edit: You can also just stand closer to the boss during skellys I think

Also when I saw the post I thought you were talking about when he goes into “glitch king” and literally doesn’t do anything. That I would say is a bug.

yes im talking about all bugs too. ill add that.

Sadly that is a bug.

He should not turn around and shoot a bolt straight at main aggro when the skellys are out.

Its a rare bug. Standing too far away gives another problem where he turns to you right after death burst. But it will not always trigger him to bolt you. He will bolt you sometimes when your standing close enough.

I probably didnt call it, but anticipated it.

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Thinking about it. It might be that when the boss deathbursts there will be a 0.1th of second window where he thinks he is not in skelly phase. And he probably bolts if the skellies spawned right before he was gonna bolt you otherwise. And every deathburst it shofts like 0.1 second in time.

That is my new theory now. Can actually prove that.

Moght also only be with Aggressive then? mmmh

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defo not just aggresive but thatd make sense