Fix the light spell

You darkened the dungeons and while they aren’t as dark as Maeos Sanctum was, the light spell would be nice to make useful again.

While you’re at it, fix the ranger. Arrows drop too fast, makes hitting far targets much more difficult than it used to be.


Hi, we definitely have the light spell on our list to fix in the near future. We can take a look at the arrows, but has this been the case since Reborn launched?


No, I think it was recent, perhaps unrelated but I get the same problem trying to throw the shaman aoe stick… I throw it hard and it just falls in front of me… Other times, it does go…

Don’t know when it started with the arrows. I didn’t notice it until a couple months ago, simply because I hadn’t bothered trying to hit anything from that far away until then.

Changing the arrow drop is gonna throw me off

I haven’t noticed it too much

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If you haven’t noticed it, how would it throw you off? As someone who used to hit the red tails from as far away as possible on the first try, I notice it easily.

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because, i play ranger as a main and I have gotten used to it you see how it works?
and changing it would throw me off because im used to it

If you don’t aim for anything that’s just in visible range, or nearly that far, it won’t affect you. I just want it back to old orbus standard. And there is no need for the attitude.


Most of the thorawables have a ton of friction on them in Reborn. The Musk turret can only be thrown a meer fraction of what you used to be able to. Now if you want to get it just a couple feet out, you have to blow your elbow out trying to chuck it. The friction still feels high even after the bit of tweaking that was done a while back.


its still possible, you just have to angle your bow differently. I shoot things just in render distance here and in the old game as well. I like it and have gotten used to it, but i can understand why you dont like it.

sorry for the attitude, yesterday was a little stressful

Too high friction throwable stuff:

  • musky turret throw
  • pally hammer throw
  • max rank boost scoundrel curve
  • ranger trap
  • basically everything with velocity and throwing in the code -__-