Flying spider on the pilgrim trail

I don’t have a screen shot or video unfortunately, but on the way from Guild City, along the path where the pilgrim slowly runs, I noticed that there was a spider floating really high up in the sky.

My wife noticed this too today. I can confirm this as well!

this should be fixed in next patch thanks for heads up

Two bugs :

  • I saw a flying chicken neer the giant kelpies (between the fishing hut, the bridge and the witch cave).
  • I have no screen capture because vive controler shortcut for screen capture somehow don’t work in orbus.

Was getting ready to post this too and found this thread. Here she is!

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The physics defying mobs are on our tracking list. Thanks for reporting.

Cool! So you’re also aware of the levitating giant Kelpie near the fishing hut in HS then? :slight_smile:

Haha, no, I actually wasn’t aware of that particular one. Just physics defying mobs in general. Hopefully the same fix takes care of all of them.

I saw one of these guys off the opposite side. (On the Whiskey Cart path.)

Now there’s flying spiders, what have we done?

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