For the love of all shoulders, elbows and wrists out there


From the perspective of a newer player on ORBUS VR that’s a pretty hardcore gamer with a few decades of experience with games:

Please put some kind of a cooldown on the bow and the sword attacks. Right now it’s a massive spam fest. For the love of shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists of us poor players… please, please put a cooldown on attacks, make the combos have less movements or at least give us some kind of an attack we can “charge” while we block. I love the skill aspect of the game and having to memorize the attack patterns, but realistically once you’ve done it a few hundred times it’s not really skill anymore, it’s just repetitive and that’s not good for us older gamers.

Maybe I speak for myself, but my shoulder can barely take these “long, arching attacks” as a warrior. I do see how if you take a bit more time and do the long swings you can do more damage than the quick spammy ones. But, that doesn’t work out very well when you’re trying to get in your combo before the next attack you have to block with your shield and the combo doesn’t last for more than a fraction of a second if you don’t keep up the assault.

Personally, I can’t do mage (the class everyone makes right now) due to the intermittent game freezing and the precision it takes to draw the runes. I was never really good at writing legibly in the first place, much less in 3-d with a controller :wink:

That’s why there are so few rangers and warriors IMHO. Everyone seems to want to be mage since warriors do comparatively low damage (even with a round shield) and take so much effort. And rangers seem to be even worse.

Just some thoughts.


The devs did implement a charge mechanic for the warrior. After performing a combo holding the sword 90 degrees from where you are facing, I point to my right, charges up the last combo you used. An audio cue follows this. Other than that I agree warrior takes a toll on most players.


you can not do two trikes faster then 0.25 seconds between them (thus there is a cooldown :wink: ). Like Snoopy said, there is also a charge mechanic which gives you time between a combo to do nothing but charge your sword up. Having long arching FAST attacks does do more damage but is not really worth it because a warrior is mainly trying to stay alive in a group and does almost no damage anyway. Also all combo’s do their maximum power no matter how fast or wide you hit the target. So for the most important combo in end game (provoke) you can keep yourself healed with less wide swings.

If you choose the precision talent tree (can unlock it at lvl 5) you will do most damage if you shoot 1 arrow every second. Shooting faster then that will reduce your damage.


Yeah, I was under the impression that warriors had a DPS option. I guess not. Why would anyone want to be one then?

Maybe that’s what they need to focus on. A DPS option for melee. The small shield is definitely more DPS than the big one, but a mage 4 levels lower can do more damage in one hit with a T2 Fireball than I can do with 3 combos (all hits considered) with the small shield and appropriately leveled gear.

I’d much prefer to be DPS melee and maybe an off-tank than a tank any day of the week. If they simply added a set of loot for the small shield that had much, much higher attack boosts and somewhat lower health boosts, that would probably suffice. Or have the small shield boost attack FAR more than it is.


I’m not sure how that works, but I’ll give it a try. Presumably it gives more damage the next time you use the attack? Do you have to KEEP it pointed out there, or once you get the audio cue, you can do whatever?


Warrior does have a DPS option but the the way the fights are at end game content makes it difficult to do comparable damage due to movement, AoE and such

After doing a combo you can point your sword away from your field of view and it will charge that combo back up and store it on your sword for 10 seconds and will use a 20% stronger version of that combo on your next hit, you’ll know if you have the combo charged as the colour of the tip will change depending on the combo, once you have practiced it a bit you’ll find it can be very helpful. The 1st swing after charging will count towards the next combo too so you can use it to transition between combos or you can use the same one over and over, whatever works for you or the situation you are in


Hopefully the new classes are Melee DPS because I feel like it could be done.

You could opt-in for Melee DPS for a specific raid-wide damage buff that makes it worth it and maybe with a Melee DPS involved you could mitigate the Boss AoE on the tank so he doesn’t have to jump out anymore because they absorbed the damage (Although this can maybe be abused) unless another mechanic doesn’t allow other classes to be in that AoE.


Thanks for all the good info.

I really hope they add a comparable melee DPS option. Even if it’s something roguish that gets the majority of damage from backstabs and the like. At least they can sit there with the tank and do good damage even if they can’t take the same hits. It just feels like there’s a void for melee DPS in this game.


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