Forsaken Isle Aggro

Loving the changes to the Isle, however it feels like the aggro distance has increased and is maybe triggering them from a bit too far away with the multiple groups of mobs running around in the same area. Just something to check on. If it’s as intended, disregard.

Also had two instances (post-update today) of getting aggroed and attacked through rock walls. They could hit me but I couldn’t see or hit them. By the time I pulled them far enough to see them, I was mostly dead. I love a challenge - but this feature may be a little too challenging

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It is intended. Was in old game done on purpose too too give a specific danger vibe of the area. Because it is really hard to avoid the mobs. (Although its alot easier now to avoid then in old game)

Use masked scent potions. They last 20 mins, plenty of time to gather resources around the island and cheaper than repeatedly spending close to 1k repairing armor and dying.

You can buy them from market stalls, the auction house or get them as random drops from rewards chests.

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Or you can make them. The question wasn’t really about resource collecting.

I was more concerned about going with a hunting party, and having 2 more groups join in while fighting one. I was having that happen a lot yesterday just fighting singles without any groups close. Suddenly I’d have 6 more dudes in the fight. That wasn’t happening previously, which is why I asked.

We haven’t made any changes to the island or aggro in general, is it possible you were previously going in solo or with fewer people? If you’re in a party more mobs will aggro you in the overworld.

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Huh, weird. I was doing the exact same as before, solo to work on grinding and pally techniques.

Maybe I was just having an unlucky day then. I was getting swarmed repeatedly. Thanks for the response.

You might double check you aren’t still accidentally in a party. I think the party mechanic kicks in even if the members aren’t in the area. (Party membership doesn’t clear when you log out - has to be done manually)

Ah, that’s interesting. I will keep that in mind as I am often running around solo while partied. I don’t believe I was yesterday, but great info to have, thank you.

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