Forsaken Isle Ideas

The Forsaken Isle. One of my all time favorite areas in OrbusVR. The devs have done such an amazing job here. I also truly appreciated the added spawn points for harvesting recently.

I have spent so many hours on the Isle now and because of that I have some ideas that could make the area even better.

Story. Why was the Isle Forsaken? What was it before? Is there hidden technology? Magic? Perhaps the hardest dungeon waiting to be discovered by adventurers of Patraeyl with top gear from the HM citadel. I would love it if there were some story line quests here. Some of my next suggestions could unlock through the quest line like the vendors in ambassador village. I would love the see the Forsaken isle become less Forsaken over time through quests as well.

Mission vendors for missions specific to the Forsaken Isle on the island. Kill quests would be awesome, especially including aberrations. This is an excellent opportunity to increase group play into the daily grind in the overworld. Really all types of missions that are already included in the game since this is one of the games major loops and a daily activity for most players. Let’s include the Isle in this core game loop.

Teleport pillars, at least 3 for the major areas for which different bracers types drop, this can be unlockable via the quest so that the player is forced to explore first. One at the main entrance would be great for runemage teleport.

Shard vendor could be useful here since grinding here can get a fair amount of minor and major shards… could be unlocked via quests.

Allow epic drops such as bone spur rod and windup Rupert Rupert be broken down into glimmering shards or at the very least, major shards since I find myself tossing them daily and I can’t get anything for them. In the DLC you can get epic drops and break them down to glimmering so it could be nice here since its much harder content.

Allow the bracers to be broken down for major or at the very least minor shards since these mostly get tossed as well. Or let us sell them to the apprentice smith for a little dram. They can be sold on auction but they are lower value than most drops on the island and there’s no way to sell them fast enough with limited slots on the auction house, let alone have space to sell your more valuable loot.

Let’s include pvp players as well. Let’s add the trickster goblin to the area or better yet some new creative pvp thing that someone more creative than me might imagine.

Public events should be added.

New Armor and weapon drops for transmogs or for new level 30 players to get some fun gear to start their shard career. These should only drop on the island.