Framerate/lag lately

Has anybody else experienced a drop in framerate/lag lately? I used to be able to run high graphics (even after the graphic improvement) then I logged back on today and i had to go down to low. If no one else experienced it, then it’s probably just me.

I experience a lot of mini loading screens all the time. especially when looking at that one hunter guy in HS. I don’t experience any rubber banding or jitteriness when the game isn’t doing that load

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Same for me unortunately

Same for you on the mini loading screens, you mean?

There was a performance drop on a previous patch but I think that should have been taken care of. Can you give me more specifics about your CPU/GPU, what FPS the game is running at for you and where you are in the game world?

So there are “mini loading screens” that occur when you are near zone boundaries as it has to load in the other zone. When you are by the Hunter guy in HS you are close enough that it is probably loading in the Jungle. You shouldn’t be experiencing them other places. Are you? If so if you can tell me where you are specifically I will take a look at that.

That’s probably it. I just don’t know where the boundaries are. sometimes it feels like it’s because i looked in one direction too quickly or something. but it’s most likely at a boundary line. i’ll let you know if i experience it other times specifically

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