Friends disappeared

I recently went to the “canyon” near kings graveyard. It loaded something and my friends disappeared. Help

Kings grave??? No clue where that is.

Maybe you switched zones so you went in a new area. And if your friends walked enough with you they switched to your zone too. Or you got put in another shard then them. If there more then 40 ppl online in 1 zone it makes a second shard for more ppl. And you might have been in the second shard while your friends weren’t. All I can think of. One of those 2 options.

Can I fix it

Kingsport Grave I think thats what its called

Near spice thieves

Did your friends disapear from your friends list or did you just lost them around you?

They are on my friends list but when I walk up to them with a compass, they aren’t there even though the compass says they are in front of me

I remember a glitch like this happening in the old game, are you sure they are still online?

This happened in the old game. I’m pretty sure you just desynced. A restart of the game will fix this.

Compass can also be wrong with player positions as it does not update very fast. When in doubt relog and try again.