Frostbolt 3 is impossible for me

I cannot, for the life of me, do frostbolt 3. I’ve had 3 different people show me in depth how they do it, and I swear that I have the angle and length of the 3D line correct, but it never activates. I know that it should be from left to right, high to low, and cut through the intersection from the main line and the second side line. But while I try and try to perfectly draw the symbol, people can spam out 3 at a time with no problems. Is it possible that it is my graphical lag or my controller that makes it impossible for me to do it? Are there any tips, videos, guides, or anything that can help me with this? It’s the only spell left that I really want to know.

Frostbolt 3 is insanely hard. From what I’ve heard it takes a very long time to learn how to do it. I’ve never done it once.

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I believe that is ice lance. Not frostbolt 3

For what it’s worth, it took me hundreds and hundreds of failed attempts for my first success, most while looking at the statue itself.

Some tips:

  • I’ve found the the line piercing through the frost two glyph to work at a much flatter angle than shown on the statue
  • make sure you have your frost 2 in awesome shape, like getting the bonus perfect noise more often than not
  • after drawing the frost 2, step a little to the side and turn towards the glyph before drawing the last piercing line
  • make sure the piercing line is both long enough and roughly even on both sides
  • Do. Not. Give. Up. Being a runemage is 10% knowing the runes and 90 percent practice & determination.

Good luck!


Thanks for the tips and encouragement. I will give your method a try!

I can only partially confirm what Draven said from my own experience. I practiced it for roughly 2 hours, after 30 minutes I started getting it like 10% of the time and trying to figure out what you have to check to make it consistent.
Here is what I found:

  • do not rely on runestone, just know the general form of the rune and do the rest by experimenting
  • you do NOT need perfect level 2 for level 3 to work consistently. In fact you can just quickly draw the F shape.
  • what I think had the most impact on success was the angle between vertical F stroke and the 3D stroke. It has to be almost precisely 90°. And not only the foreground part, which is rather easy. More tricky is the background part because the further you push your hand the less precise the line gets. In fact for this spell I have begun not to strech out my arm a lot but start nearer my body.
  • The length of the 3D stroke should be ROUGHLY the length of the vertical F stroke. So the smaller your F, the less effort you need to draw a straight 3D stroke. I actually started using smaller Fs than I did for level 2 because it is hideously tiring for your arm if you have to reach out all the way (even moving your body forward) so the 3D stroke is long enough. Try it with a smaller F shape.
  • it should definitely go through the intersection of vertical F stroke and the lower F ‘arm’. Even a bit above or under it and the spell fails.

Now the key point: wrist movement. For the 3D stroke, assuming you hold the controller “normally”, i. e. like a sword hilt, twist your wrist towards you but not too much. I saw many people fail because they thought the 3D stroke needs to be at something that would turn out to be more than 90°. It should not feel uncomfortable.

As Draven said, the 3D stroke is flatter than you might think. It’s definitely not like the runestone shows. You do not have to start at the level of the upper F stroke and you absolutely should not end at the lower end of F. It will fail. I think length and 90° angle against the 2D shape are the most important things. Also keep it straight (still going down of course).

It takes some time but once you figure it out and have a good 3D eye for the angle between F and 3D stroke, it becomes much easier. Muscle memory does the rest.

PS: I still do not have 100% success but it works like 80% of the time now.
PPS: This is in non-stress situations, i. e. against same level mobs and without group pressure. I am pretty sure I’d do worse if I was feeling pressured.

Onmi, I remember you from Highsteppe. I took screenshots earlier of a perfect cast T3 frost if you want them. Message me on here or discord under the same name if you want them. As always, I am happy to meet up with you and try to assist.

When you draw the F make the 3d line that away from you high to low, then make the line the same length as the height of the F.

Keep practicing man!

This week:

Monday: Didn’t know how to cast Frostbolt 3
Tuesday: Learned from some guy in Highsteppe, was able to cast it a few times
Wednesday: Practiced it a bit, able to cast it maybe 1 out of 3 attempts
A few hours ago: 1 out of 2 attempts are successes.

At the end of the day, from all the mages I have talked to, all the tips I have heard, it seems like everyone has their own nuances when casting this spell. So what works for some people (large drawings, 5 degree slants) or shortcuts may not work for you.

Some people’s 3rd line doesn’t even bisect the 2nd line on the F. Some people bisect between the upper and middle lines on the F. Some people, like myself, do not use a “flatter line” as many mages have suggested and instead use a somewhat steeper bisecting line that covers the upper mid and lower midsections as reference.

The thing that bothers me is that the “perfect” cast often triggers on a variety of different approaches. And that sometimes a sloppy drawing will work perfectly yet duplicating that exact drawing can then later result in a failure. But I won’t go into that here.


Well, since the moment I learned you can activate perfect L2 without the 2nd F arm I am not wondering about anything anymore. Don’t expect a lot of logic in the spell system is what I mean.

Wait, what?
I knew it was a shortcut, but I assumed you sacrificed the perfect for quick cast?

My L2’s always seem to turn into Arcaneshields or Fireball 1’s no clue how. Had some mage giggling about it earlier.

Yes, I frequently get perfect casts from only drawing vertical stroke and upper ‘arm’. It allows you to dish out much higher DPS.

Same goes for the Mana Shield shortcut by the way, it looks nothing like the real shape (circle instead of diamond in the middle) but still procs perfect casts often enough.

PS: Devs should balance Fireball L3 against Frostbolt L3. Once you get the hang of it, FB is much faster to draw but does the same damage. FB should at least get some burn damage over time effect to compensate for having to do all the brushwork imo.

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Maybe “FB” isn’t the best abbreviation to use when talking about FireBall and FrostBolt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, went and double checked and Fireball T3 definitely does more damage than Frostbolt T3.

Frostbolt T3

Frostbolt T3 Crit

Fireball T3

Fireball T3 Crit

Yeah I noticed it yesterday as well. However the possibility to spam Ice Lance (which does way more damage than Fireball) is just too strong. Plus Frost has a very strong slow effect of course.

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Not really, you have to be up close for ice lance and is really easy to miss a target. Fireball you can sit back and fire at long range. Again it is situational.


Anyone here left handed have trouble with the spell?

I’ve been taught by numerous mages who can consistently cast F3. Carefully shown, and have watched gifs/vids of it being casted.

I have nearly 30hrs spent as a runemage and can nearly cast every other spell other then Frost 3 and Fireball 3 ( only spell I haven’t practiced much )

And still out of the hundred of attempts, Have somehow only casted it 3 times.

( I’ve spent 2 days alone for a total of 6 hours practicing frost 3 with no luck. )

I know the devs just recently patched warriors to work left handed because of the combos. I’m curious if spells being casted left handed register differently or are more difficult to hit the angles that would otherwise be more fluid and natural with your right hand.


I’m left handed also. I can get it here and there, but I could never ever rely on it in combat. It’s incredibly frustrating. I really really hope they make this spell a little bit more ambidextrous. So discouraging to not be able to utilize all of your spells with confidence even after hours and hours upon hours of practicing.

I did it once in a few hours, I just started. Haven’t done it again though.

I actually finally figured it out. Can almost do a perfect every time now. I can try to show you sometime as a lefty.