Frostbolt and Firebolt level 3 practically useless?


Any idea in what regard? Going to be a little bummed if I have to change my muscle memory. Although it’s aomething new to learn so I’m a little torn. Keep frost 3 but add frost 3 v2


Not the drawing of it, the function of what it does, like increasing the slow time. The t3 might have a burn or aoe effect.


Sounds good to me, any buff to my bread&butter is a good change in my book. The sticky affix is perfect too :grin:


@Decoy I appreciate the offer, but I’m down to the point with it where as aforementioned I’m just going to have to punch it till it falls down. that 3D line is really, really hard for me to hold steady and until I can get a reliable physical method of keeping it consistent and then building the muscle memory solid it’s just a tarball.

Interesting suggestion to add to this, make it so people in your group can see your actual rune drawing. I understand that you don’t want them to be globally visible or some troll would draw a giant phallus in the starting area. But it’d be nice for teaching/learning sake to be able to group up and see the exact rune they’re drawing to help trouble shoot


Working on writing up a post for teaching as we speak actually. Got an idea on the matter


Standing inside someone while they draw the tune is pretty effective, I’ve taught tons of people Frost 3 like that.


Squall from Alphabet here. I can personally say that frost 3 is doable. Anyone who saw me practicing at first can attest that I spent roughly 60 hours on frost3 before I could cast it comfortably. It really isn’t in a bad place right now. I do think the only changes that should be made to level 3 spells is the amount of super that is generated for your ultimate. I’m not saying diminishing returns should go away but I feel like giving a bigger boost to your super regeneration should be slightly higher than it is now, but not high enough to make spamming overpowered. Who knows what we will see with talents coming but I would be patient and see what happens then. I will say though that fire 3 Definitely needs work. The only time it would be worth it currently (as decoy mentioned) is with a first strike affix and only used as an opener.


Granted I was only level 14 and getting 1 shot by the curse on the worm boss, but…

Being able to focus on just ice lance is a pretty big deal considering the crowd. With other spells aiming at worms while we were all lined up I was likely to hit other players. With lance, I could just pew pew through the crowd. :slight_smile:

People need to stick with Frost 3 practice. I only tend to open with it still, but without a ton of practice, I couldn’t even do that consistently.

As far as the greater topic at hand; I’d like to see some new gimmicks on the higher level spells. I know given all the MMO’s out there it’s hard to be original when it comes to a DPS spell effect, but seeing something other than the usual stuff would be nice.

For fire 3, I’d suggest a self knock back effect. As if you cast repelling blast on yourself when it goes off. Frost to slow them as they approach, Fire to put some distance between you?


Maybe it’s an easy to make potion effect, similar to the runesight?

Or better yet, it’s something you can click on in Tinny’s cave, or an effect that persists only in an area in there with a training dummy?


Yeah Frost 3 is definitely great. Fireball 3 is very situational, pretty much only good for a first strike.


They can be used as a first strike spell. L3 spells should also be farther reaching however if that is the case.


Agreed. Slow moving is fine, reduced range is kinda painful.


Have you ever used Frostbolt 3? Before patch it was extremely broken alowing you to solo the wenderwood dungeon at about lvl 13, which i have done, the slow was so insane, the damage was not the selling point, i see what you mean for fireball 3 as it is kinda sub par compared to fireball 2 spam, however frostbolt 3 can be used by a level 16 with a 1000 attack wand against the level 20 leachers in the desert and be able to solo them, frostbolt 3 is in a good power range right now for how hard it is to cast.


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