Frustrating spell system

The runecrafting system needs some kind of indicator showing what you are doing wrong. I mean I keep trying and there is nothing to tell me if I am making the same mistake over and over again.

I mean lets face it when you practiced letters at school there was a teacher to ask, granted if you are in game and can find a competent runecrafter to ask that is fine.

But most of the time you cant, so how about instead of me not knowing what the hell I have done wrong and getting mad about it can you add some kind of indicator showing the fault?

On the flipside of that when the rune does work I am like wth! That looked exactly the same as the last one!

The journal does not help much either, I mean it does not explain if there is a start location, what part to draw first or if that even matters. It does not explain if the rune needs to be flat or even if connections on the lines matter, it just shows the shape etc etc etc.

Would be nice if the rune at least jumped off the page and drew its self perfectly just to show how it is done.

I have heard quite a few people cursing about this in game, the not knowing your mistake makes for frustration.

Most important things:

Straight lines


Flat on 3d plane (z plane)

It takes practice and is supposed to be difficult and rewarding. I understand where you are coming from but if the spell is flat and straight then tracing it will work.


Yes thank you for the reply, I have read this but I don’t know which one of those I am doing wrong.

Have you tried asking someone to help you? I can’t right this second but if you join the discord and @ me we can hop in and figure it out


That would be cool, I am off to bed shortly but I will bear that in mind next time I am on.

Very kind of you :slight_smile:

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Think we need to open a player run hogwarts :joy:


I feel like part of the issue has to do with some of the runes just not being true to their depiction. The Fireworks Rune, as well as the Tier 1 and 3 Frost runes are significantly different than their depictions to get them to work reliably. The Fireworks bottom segment has to be lower than the Journal entry, and the Frost M has to be much wider than the journal. The Tier 3 Frost’s 3D element is almost 45 degrees off in one direction, and requires a significantly smaller slant than it’s depiction as well. Now that I’ve practiced a bunch, I’ve managed to learn how to do them all reliably, but that’s practicing an entirely different method than the one that the game shows me.

I like the aspect of “Not Knowing” though, it is what makes the rune system so interesting, and makes the “MMO” Element blend so well with the game. Very often in the starter town I see circles of mages all talking and helping each other learn their runes and share their tricks and techniques, and that’s something that would never happen in an environment where the game flat out tells you your mistakes. It makes the multiplayer and social element of the game have more value, because you have to actively seek out help for something other than killing harder enemies.

The struggle and frustration of learning the runes enables a sense of discovery to the magic beyond a simple shape and a button, it makes being a wizard require practice, skill, training, and genuine effort to develop both speed and accuracy in your rune casts, which is a major impact on your proficiency as a mage. It allows for this magical ‘eureka’ moment when you finally figure out how to do a spell once, and then you push those tests to better refine the shape, and then practice it to improve the speed. Any mage can cast any spell, regardless of whether or not they have discovered it, the only thing that determines their actual skill (besides the scaling damage from a wand.) is their speed and accuracy with their runes, as well as their actual knowledge of the shape of the rune itself.


Hmm Austin_R all good points you have made me think twice about laving the system as it is now…

@Sneaky try to catch me ingame (on evenning) and I can help you with your runemage :slight_smile:

In game my name is Arthan too.


I’ll try that today. I Placed the journal up 90° Angle and painted the M right as in the book and succeed 0% in about 100 tries. I felt like an idiot doing the same over and over again and expecting a different result. I’ll try a wider M later today.

I watched videos but it seems the frost rune changed from a F to a M and I didn’t find a more actual video.

you can actually write the “F” anyway. Even if you haven´t gotten the runes in your journal you can cast all of them but you have to look them up somewhere else and you don´t have them ingame

I’m struggling casting arcane Ray. I’m practicing all the first spells visible at the witch since the past 3 hours. With most of them I have no problems, except for arcane Ray.

I’ve managed to do it only 4or5 times.

that´s weird xD
For me that is one of the easiest runes. I have problems with this frost thing (the M) but I always cast the tier 2 frost bolt instead because I can cast that 90% of all tries

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Arcane Ray is a little different than the journal due to the page size limitation. Try making it just a little wider. Also- step to the side and make sure it all looks flat after drawing.

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If you guys need help with spellcasting, find me (Aelar, from Order of the Rune) and I’ll gladly help you guys figure out spells. I have many many tricks for spells like fireball 3 and affliction 2. If you see me in highsteppe or simply walking around, just yell at me :stuck_out_tongue:

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What Luvstosmooch said about drawing it wider!
Through the beta I cast Arcane Ray ONCE (my first try, actually!) and then never again.
After this advice I started drawing the horizontal line longer than depicted and was finally able to cast it several times.
A great “Eureka!” moment for me. =)

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