Full feedback from a few hours of gameplay


I wasn’t able to play as musch as I wanted, only reached lvl 5 (almost 6) and couldn’t go to the dungeon nor the PvP zone.

so my experience is limited to that of a rather low level goon.

On leveling / Gameplay :

  • Starting zone is still rather harsh. you need to start as a group, or get ganked if you didn’t choose the right class. It gets easier as you level.
  • Archer is still massively overpowered (even though it’s exhausting)
  • We don’t need to take the quest again when we die. But the respawn of the quest is pretty random. (sometimes you can do it again immediatly, sometimes not).
  • Fishing won’t level… Too bad, the gameplay is awesome. I think I only saw one weight for the fishes too.

On system :

  • The groups were resilient to disconnexion : great.
  • We went to the border of the zone, over the bridge, and encountered what seams to be a loading zone dephasing : We couldn’t see each other anymore nor the monsters, the dephasing was corrected at the first d/c for me, but went through several D/c for my co-player.
  • Sometimes, when using the sliding locomotion, I had a quick unity loading logo popping while the game was fading off/in rapidly. it looked like the zone was having trouble to load. The game is on a SSD.

Overall :

I didn’t have time to do as much as I would have wanted, but the game is exhausting when you go through it (2 hours of VR are enough for me to take a break). This is a great experience in group, I wish I could have reached level 8 and went to the dungeon, or even be here with the eggs !