Fun and Notable Playtest Moments

I realize this is totally a sappy-writing-in-the-yearbook type thing, but screw it, I’m having too much fun and I don’t want these moments to all bleed together over time.

Quick list from the top of my head, I’m sure I’m forgetting many already.

Last Pre-Alpha

  • Logging in without reading the player guide (doh) and muttering to myself in frustration only to have multiple people hear me and help me get started. Amazing feeling. (Paid it forward later on, which was also fun.)
  • Taking an airship ride for the first time. (I’ve taken countless rides in other games, but in VR, it’s just something else.)
  • Spontaneous Runemage spellcasting classes cropping up all over town all playtest.
  • Celebrating each time anyone in the group got their first hat on their character.
  • Seeing the giant entrance to the final boss room in the dungeon and having the entire group fall silent to marvel at it, side by side.

1st Alpha

  • Having someone tell me near the end of the playtest that there was a crazy tongue-demon that can spawn and murder you if you kill sheep. Most of the group didn’t really believe him, but we were all willing to indulge the claim, until it actually happened! (We apologized)
  • Forming a group with a pile of low level (1-2) runemages (who were practicing in town) to attack the ghosts to the south. Seeing 4+ fireballs land in rapid succession, and watching as everyone became more comfortable with their glyphs as we progressed until we moved on and were destroying wolves by the droves.
  • Exploring and finding the mysterious Temple I’ve only heard about in whispers.
  • Having someone ask me where I got my shoulders right before they went whooping off to go get some themselves (after I let them know where I found mine).
  • Fishing in Loch Carplagh just north of Highsteppe with a couple other players, just hanging out and chatting. Also, midnight fishing in the middle of nowhere.
  • Assembling a firing squad of muskeeters and rangers facing the Elongata boss and counting down to our opening simultaneous volley of attacks while watching everyone’s arms raise up to fire their charged shots.
  • Legit taking down Elongata with no cheese.
  • Finally killing the dungeon boss after a number of glitched out previous attempts from multiple playtests. It was extremely satisfying watching him finally fall. And of course all the virtual high-fives afterward. (Shoutout to Kailus, Skywalker, Pyrarrows, and enoch!) {CRITICAL EDIT! Honorable mention shoutout to False, Luvstosmooth, Kamina, and Wousa for our repeated valiant attempts on day 1 to take him down!}
    *Touring the incredible Guild City for the first time, and picturing how it’s going to fill up over time.
    *Constantly running across and greeting various community members I recognize from previous playtest groups, these forums, the discord chat, etc, even if just in passing.

Anyone else have some memorable moments from the playtests they’d like to share?


Great anecdotes, thanks for posting!

One of my most memorable moments from this test was heading over to fight Elongata with four others and finding it already summoned… with about 70 mobs standing under it. Those of you who cheesed Elongata from the cliff left behind a nasty surprise for us :laughing:

But, determined to have our boss fight, we got to work. The fireballs numbered in the hundreds that afternoon, and one by one, we killed them all (except for a frozen handful, bugged to harmless invulnerability.) I think it left us all giddy with delight, seeing so many spells colliding against one another, watching this monster army tumble in front of us – I know I couldn’t stop laughing at times.

Of course, the fight against Elongata didn’t go quite so well, as none of us knew just what to expect and we didn’t have a single healer with us :sweat_smile: But later, when I fought it again with a fuller group, it was a great fight, and one that I look forward to tackling again in the future. :man_with_turban:



Funny enough, one of my favorite moments were trying the PvP Arena. I had grouped with 2 other players and we found out that we could not hurt each other while in a group. So I decided that when we approached the 4th player, we would tell them gracefully about their demise. Well, this 4th player would not take defeat and said that they would not go down with out a fight!

I laughed and looked at my teammates, and noticed that we all were carrying bows. When I looked back at the brave one who had 3 against him, he was carrying a musket… I then realized that he had a healing ability, and none of us did… I then freaked out and tried to team up and take down this musketeer. He did not give up, and killed all three of us!

We were laughing and praising this brave Musketeer. We wanted to praise this champion, but he was no where in sight. Then, I saw his name approach from the distance…

It was ZARDULU! I bowed to him and claimed that “I am not worthy”

It was so fun to have that experience… We all laughed and enjoyed that moment. What a great experience. Thanks Zardulu, you are a worthy champion.


This was, in fact, my favorite experience of the whole session, and I do not expect to see it repeated. You guys were great.

And my thanks to you, Skywalker, for coaching me up to the hidden second floor. A really beautiful glimpse of the future! :man_with_turban:


And Draven! I didn’t see you there, I got distracted by Zardulu’s greatness! haha

It was so fun taking down the dungeon boss without a tank! We used so much team work to get that guy down, and when we did, none of the loot that could have been had mattered because we had high fives! That was an unforgettable moment!

EDIT: Shout out to Pyrarrows, Draven, Kailus, and enoch for being the team that did it!


I’m actually uploading the dungeon run & second Elongata boss fight right now! I’ll add a link here once it’s done going up!

EDIT: Here’s the video!

Yikes, That dungeon run took 53 minutes from the time that we first entered till the boss dropped & the high fives!
And it was another ~18 minutes from that to the end of the fight with the Elongata boss. The entire video is 1:11:40

That was one crazy fun night, actually this entire run of Orbus was extremely fun! I’m looking forward to the next alpha test. :smiley:

I think that I’ll be adding the first Elongata fight that I participated in (Rangers & Musketeers shooting from the cliff) and the PVP that we had against Zardulu soon as well. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw how fast we went down in the second fight! Maybe a bit of the Firey/Icy slaughter of the wolves & ghosts as well. I have a lot of video to look through now…

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No shout out to the guys/group that played with you on day 1 all the way through the dungeon? sadface

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Thanks for the video link Pyra! Such a cool memory…

One of my favorite parts -

Oh man and this -

My heart- it breaks.

Sorry guys, shoutouts are reserved for winners!

I’m kidding! That first day and those initial dungeon attempts with you guys were awesome!!

My recording during those runs got hosed though so I wasn’t positive of everyone’s names. If you guys remember the rest of the group, let me know! Updating original post a bit!

Hahahaha :joy: that’s a great way to put it.
I think it was you, me, @Falsedemise, kamina, and Wousa.

Great times, I agree it was really cool seeing a lot of people from the Forums and the Discord. We’ve got a great little community here!

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Damage and I claiming a Mountain and Fishing into the void was both terrifying as someone afraid of heights, and fun because bugs.


Yo! I had a great time playing with you this test. I sadly was never able to find a dungeon group but I had a lot of fun helping people.

I shared a lot of the moments you listed with you and my notable moment is when I finished getting the best gear in the game for every class including the shoulders off of the outdoor boss.

Pvp arena was amazing and it was funny to find the final player I had to kill was Logan, a guy I was grouped with a few hours earlier.

I hope we keep in touch and get to do that dungeon together next time. :wink:

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Sour, I posted my dungeon run in the discord and noticed I kept mentioning how we wanted you to show up haha. Next time for sure!

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That was awesome fun. I went back later with some real life buddies and got some cool screenshots.