Furniture in the main room of my house reset

I set my house I couple days ago. I was online, the house was still set. I went run some dungeons. When I reentered my house all of my furniture was reset to be above the chest. I did not mess with my furniture at all today. No big deal for me but just letting you know about the bug.

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Knowing that this can still happen, I am avoiding spending alot of time decorating stuff in my house. Idk if I would do it otherwise, but the chance of getting your stuff reset and maybe even being stuck in your house is not helping the case.

Hi, we put out an experimental fix a few days ago, but it requires you to currently toggle off the Build Mode button to manually save the position of furniture. (Just to be clear, it also saves when you place items but occasionally something seems to go wrong.)
Do you remember if you did that, or if you left the house or logged out without pressing the button?

It would be great to know if anyone has experienced this issue when using the toggle. Thanks!

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toggling off buildmode didn’t fix it. had my main room reset twice

Same as Scott. However, I did notice none of my other rooms have ever reset. I do go in and out of those less often.

I just had this happen to me, was fine when I logged in, was fine the 1st time I re-entered my house but the 2nd or 3rd time I noticed as I was about to leave that it had reset, I sent an in-game report

And in between that first and second time, you didn’t touch the furniture at all, right?

Can’t answer rickness, but my furniture reset after not touching it for days. Then I sloppy placed it back. Toggled off build mode. Did some things. Came back and it was not reset. And came back again later and it was reset again.


No, I moved it Saturday, toggled off build mode when I was done and haven’t touched it since

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Okay, thanks for letting us know. We’re doing additional testing and have more logging going on, so we’ll let you know when we have a lead.

Just following up on this, we have a potential fix for this for the next update after managing to catch it with even more logging.