Future content armour lvl checks


I would love to see content in the game were a minimum armour lvl is required to survive a fight as a non-tank. That would give armour a bit more direct purpose then showing off, transmogs, and maybe a very unnoticable 1 tick of low damage poison more. This needs to take into account the big difference in deffense between classes though.

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Agreed. As it is now you can do the hardest bosses with no gear besides a +4 or +5 weapon as a dps. Maybe not boss 2 on hard due to the damage the waves do and boss 5 due to the pools. But if you play perfectly on any other boss you can win at the same speed as someone with max armor. This would insensitive dps classes actively perusing gear.


Plus most attacks unbend you automatically
Not all, and TBH it’s better than it was last game, but the issue is still present


Most attacks have a tick effect, so you will die no matter if you unbend.


This is also true, (boss 5, boss 2, technically boss 1, boss 3) so yeah just about every raid boss


I’m not a fan of requiring gear. This game already has every mechanic is an instant kill… I would rather see actual dps benefits from armor instead of just vit and Def. This way you would get damage bonus for having better gear.

While I’m on the subject, there should be set bonuses


it would be awesome to have magical and physical gear like it use to be in classic orbus


no point. everything in this game outside of overworld is a one-shot. i’d rather have defense and vitality stripped out of non-tank gear and have it be agi/str/int like it was previously.


Don’t think it ever was. Used to be magic or physical defence and vitality.

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Hmm maybe it was just fishing gear I remember. Either way, that’s how it should be. As it stands there are maybe 2 ish bosses that you even need to have Armor for.

Armor should increase dps. This is how it always has been and always should be.


Ya makes sense. Would be a better, more interesting and more rewarding solution then scaling fights damage to the armour. So ya I am also up for scaling damage up on better armour. We will see if this ever becomes the case though in this game. Would be cool.