Future of character art

I’m not saying I’m expecting anything, but I am curious to known if are potential plans far down the line to upgrade the character models beyond floatings torsos?

You’re asking for effort to be put into artwork. The Devs basically don’t care to put to much artwork time into the game.

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I would say the opposite. IMO they put too much time into (temporary) artwork and too little into coding aspects. (Things like class mechanics, bugs, etc.)

We can’t know or assume what they care about and what not.


I was basically curious if they plan to eventually. As I know putting a bit more effort in characters probably would go a long way into getting more people interested but I do agree that focusing on mechanics is overall more important right now. From what ive seen of the game. But I am also pretty new here.

Mechanics should take priority, ofc, but the character models are in dire need of an update. Giving them limbs would be a nice start. IK is difficult, I’m well aware, but I think it’d be a nice investment. The ability to change the size of facial features would be nice, as well as more facial features. And, for Quest users, can we finally get the ability to see other’s customization? I severely doubt it effects performance in any noticeable way. It’d also be nice if we could see mounts on quest but that may be too much to ask

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You wouldn’t be able to look this cocky with better graphics.


I got a cable to run vr on my pc and damn is the original build gutted for the Quest. Now that I’ve seen both builds, I understand more about the limitations of the Quest.

And adding the extra coding needed to add proper limbs that aren’t stiff and matches the movement of the player (let’s face it, we’d want limbs that look and feel good) would more than likely crash or lag on Quest - I don’t know if the game would run even on non-Quest. We’d be talking about the game trying to load everyone’s character model. A whole rework of armour would have to be done.

~A non-expert who is probably talking out of their butt.


Maybe it’s due to the lack of body tracking capabilities. (At least for the full body issue.) If they added small senors to the Rift, we’d have less issues with weird body contortion that you see in like Blade & Sorcery.

Huh, I wonder if the quest probably is why the art is how it is right now?

I’m not saying getting rid of the cocky face, it’s great. Nor am I wanting realistic visuals lol.

I like the simplistic comic-style in whatever game, not missing legs either; especially if the price is performance-loss like in so many vr titles.
Bit more of mob variety, details and colors could well be done, but I like the character models, especially in their cuteness - ok well depends… some look like ghosts, some real mean, red-eyed, some sarcastic, some serious, but many others are like “gimme a huggg” :smiley: - and simplicity.