Game Key Revoked

Good Afternoon,

I backed the kickstarter and received a game key, but stupidly didn’t own vr equipment at the time. Years later I am trying to play the game after getting the quest 2, but steam help desk is telling me the key was revoked. I am going to buy it through the oculus store anyway, but was hoping to figure out why my key would have been revoked.

Edit: I was able to confirm that I was an epic founder from the kickstarter in January 2017 (according to the paypal receipt) if that helps.

Summoning mods or god @Riley_D

Hi, it’s possible that Steam had a time limit on those keys - I will speak to the team and we’ll look into it this week and see what we can do. Will PM you with questions or information once I find out something.


@Mathieu_D Thank you! My headset will be here on Monday and I look forward to playing this amazing looking creation.

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