Game unplayable need help please

I bought the steam version happily thinking I’m supporting a game I love then I ran into this issue and others. I told one of the devs I’d be happy to help them test to get the issues fixed and they said the headset is not supported… so I got it refunded. If the steam version didn’t have these issues I would pay $40 or even $60 for it. For steamvr I think its made for the vive wands which is why the controls are so weird. I dont know why they refuse to support any modern steamvr headset.

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The controller front-angles are different between the two systems.

It takes a little bit of getting used too, you will get the hang of it eventually though. :sparkles:

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ROFL, alts… because we all have a $#@& ton of alts. XD

You get 2 characters per copy of the game.

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i feel lucky i only have had to pay for orbus once
but i would say its the best 20$ I’ve spent

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I have happily bought it twice, both times at $20. It’s the best time/dollar value I’ve come across in 30 years of gaming.

The second time I bought it was so my kids could play with me on our second headset. Granted, that is different than having to buy it out of frustration.

Hopefully things work out for you, I know I would be lost trying to learn a new playstyle when the muscle memory is already ingrained.


Of course, we all love Orbus and would pay our pinky toe and more to play it. And of course, you can get used to it (and you’ll probably have to since nothing will change), but I really wish the devs would be so cool to add support for other steamvr controls other than the vive wands. An option to have controls just like the oculus version, would make me so happy I’d buy the game 3 more times. That’d be super.

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Just updating here for the community as well as through the PM’s for OP.

The Hp Reverb is not a supported headset and can cause some weird controller issues when playing with it through the Steam VR store. There are some ways to make it work better with custom steam bindings (here is a reddit post describing it You can then also change the angle of your weapon in game under the general settings tab, “weapon adjustment” (although OP already mentioned they tried this just pointing it out for any future community member’s that might find this post)

As far as supporting all headsets, while we would love to be able to support every headset out there today, and the newer ones I’m sure are being developed as I type, but its just not possible for us to spend the development time and money on this as the overwhelming majority of players are playing on either an Oculus or Steam headset. On top of that the on going support and updates needed to continue to support the headsets once we do would become a nightmare for our team.

For those of you posting saying you bought the game more then once to support our team, we appreciate it and are glad that its something you are willing to buy more then once! With our model of buy once with no monthly fee it does make a difference on paying for the on going expenses of maintaining and updating the game.


Just saying id be willing to pay a monthly fee if it meant getting alot of old stuff back or new stuff added into the game.


yeah I’d be down for an optional monthly fee sort-of thing where you pay like 5 bucks and get some cosmetics.


Mages cannot rotate while holding their wands on the Index. Is this something that will be fixed since the Index is a supported headset?


First of all, thanks for commenting.

I understand that time and money are an issue when it comes to development. I for one, have gotten my moneys worth playing Orbus.

Its not just an issue with HP reverb though, which may have other issues that I’m unaware of. The issue that I have with the steamvr version is that it is configured to a motion control that is unlike 99% of other motion controllers (vive wand). I think that if you supported just one other style of motion control in the PCVR(steamvr) version, including the quest controls, it would solve 99% of the problems. If I were to pick one for you to support though, I would recommend the Valve Index since it is the most popular non-quest headset used in Steam.

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Once again Thank You for Replying <3

On That Note:
Even if certain headsets arent so called supported, I dont understand why my headset would work perfectly through Revive and horribly through steam…

I am not the only one that has had the issue of my hands being pointed to the Gods (while using supported headsets) making me have to aim my controller at the floor to use ‘Lend A Hand’ as a mage. Of course I adjusted my weapon as soon as i got in game… I was actually suprised that the response to my hand issue was ‘simply adjust your weapon’ as if i havent been playing this game for like 4 years.

there has got to be a way for me to fix this issue

**controller bindings are fixed - spent an hour trying to get proper configs built for myself and I have succeeded on that front

** having to aim my left hand at the floor to cast a straight spell is a serious issue


I am sure there are a lot of players that would be willing to support the development by paying a small monthly fee!! Like Meeeeshka said, “If it meant getting something back into the game like Preborn Equipment or Equipment that only the monthly subscribers are privileged to.”

And as Kefka has reiterated, we should def have other controller support on steam considering the majority of us didn’t pay $1500 for our headsets. ***This is probably why my hands are perma-glitched knowing that the Index controllers were the basis for development. So yea, please do something about this… It is truly ruining the experience that I know and LOVEEEEEE <3

This game is by far my favorite game and I would do whatever it takes to help with the further development of this Title… If the game isn’t continuously worked on, I can see a majority of the player base moving to Ilysia when it is released… I dont want to see that happen!

Thank you for y’alls Continuous and Tiring efforts to improve the land of Patreal !!

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The Vive wands were the controller in question. Index came later.

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ok pherosis thats what i meant one of them vertical like types them sweet sweet verti sticks that made my hand all crazy like

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