Game unplayable need help please

My game is locked to oculus… i no longer have the headset and play through steam revive … my account runtime has been changed to steam vr and i cant get it back without another oculus headset!!

please help me get the on steam… I have played this game for years daily and I really dont want to have to buy the game again… will you please please help me!!!

If you want it on Steam you’re gonna have to buy it again, like literally everyone else.

However, with revive it should let you run the oculus version. Don’t know what you mean by your account runtime has been changed to steamVR.

i dont have the oculus anymore and i have to run it through oculus and without the runtime its causing the game to jump (the screen bounces)

i have to use it through revive and it just wont work… i work with computers and im telling you, i have tried everything to get it to run smooth… i mean i just feel like being a member of the community since almost the beginning should count for something

Not the Dev’s wallets lol, I’ve bought the game 3 times.

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come on bro dont speak for the devs, i dont believe ur part of the team

I am not, but I don’t see why they would make a special case for you when they haven’t done so for anyone else.

Also, I didn’t mean to come of rude, sorry if I have offended you.

its not that man I just really want to play the game Ive spent 3months of my life in and Im hoping the devs will help me

alright @Åsmund_T I went ahead and bought it again like everyone else :sweat_smile: kinda sad though… if a person gives out money they worked hard for simply to play a game, I dont believe they should have to buy it again… not unless they are getting a new account… -REP

How does one go about logging their old character info from oculus to steam? is it simply an email entry or what?

I think you need to log into your orbus account

Yea so the devs have to move my account over apparently **only found this out bc @Gutsash (a non dev) is the only one who responded referencing TMans problem that took days and days to sort out

I sent my steam account and my oculus account info

I also asked for my account name to be changed to my steam and twitch name of

Bc no more oculus so no more ocuLUST

Bummer, steam version bad…

yea ive noticed that it is much more buggy… im so pissed

and i had to pay for it… waste of money

Much prefer the steam version (I also have bought the game 3 times @Åsmund_T :sweat_smile:) and have noticed that my jump range and teleport refresh speed is just better enough to make a huge difference when jumping out of things like circles on boss 4.

The main trade off for steam is the mage teleport thing (and there are workarounds for that).

However, when it comes to bugs. I have found both of the platforms equal. (And I do play on both platforms to raid every week). They are both buggy as heck.

Count yourself lucky @ocuLUST, it used to cost $40 to buy each time you wanted another copy.


I bought it for 40$ long ago then 2 times recently( past year)


I bought it twice at 40$…


hey pherosis , do u have any idea why i would be getting an issue with my hands being permanently pitched upwards so that i have to hold my hand down at an angle to cast properly? of course i adjusted my weapon however if i dont aim my left hand at the floor my fireballs will simply shoot to the sky…

its quite irritating…

ooof that hurts … yea i guess im lucky it was only $20 and someone gifted me a $20 dollar visa gift card at work the other day so I just used that xD

I just really wish there was some way for me to get my hands in the proper position. I have tried everything for that too. DEVs please make a toggle for hand/controller adjustment !! lul

why are u all having to rebuy the game so often? i dont understnad why someone would need to buy the game 3 times like some of the others… that bewilders me