Game wont load on either character goes to black

my game wont load on either of my characters just goes to a black screen. started around 1230 est today. my character was in front of the portal for the new dungeon when this happened and i cant log back in.

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Happening to a lot of people. Either blank screen or I load into a void with a generic default character

@Game_Master @Jake_E

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I tested this on all 3 platforms:

Steam PC = Black Screen
Oculus PC = Black Screen
Quest = Black Screen

Symptoms: Loading screen works, you can pick your character. Then once the character is selected, everything goes black… and stays black.


I’m having the same issue.

Seems like everyone in my fellowship discord is experiencing the same issue.

Due to this issue, today’s 1pm est world boss event is being rescheduled for Wednesday at 8pm est.

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The server has been restarted - is it working for you now?

Thank you for rescheduling!

Yep. I’m in

Thanks for confirming. I will have a deeper look into what’s going on after the weekend. If it happens again, just @ me and I will get the notification faster.
Sorry everyone.


Thanks for fixing it. Hope the rest of your weekend is better than this.

Yes, thank you.

Thank you Jake! very much appreciated. up and running smooth.

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