Gathering Dragon


For days now my gathering dragon has been on strike! He hasn’t collected anything even if I stand close, run right over things . I can collect with pick axe but dragon doesn’t seem to recognize things for collection- queens ear various mushrooms etc. Just before it stopped it started lagging behind in the one spot for 30 to 60 seconds before finally collecting and I have to say the new animation made it look like it was having its way with the plant🌱 (blush). My dragon also doesn’t curl up to sleep either has that animation gone?


That’s odd, could you give it a try when the new patch launches in a little bit again? It was working for us internally, so I wonder what might have affected it.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


also size 0 dragons sometimes fail to pick up loot and end up pushing the lootbag around instead


@Mathieu_D I have been back and tried many different types of plants, mushrooms reeds etc and my gathering dragon is still not gathering anything at all.


is it depressed? it wont get them if they are depressed


No I checked that it’s happy and fed


That’s odd, I just found out that they will gather the first few queen’s ears near highsteppe but not the other one. We’ll look into it and see what’s causing that. Thanks for the heads up!