Gathering skills idea


Are there any plans for gathering skills?

Gathering herbs,minerals,wood,rock, fish may give exp to gathering skill for example getting 10 herbs at level 1 will advance you to level 2 herbologist (journal can show skill levels) then you need to find 20, etc… At level 1 you will only be able to gather lowest level materials so for gathering in wastelands you will need to train gathering skill to max first.

Gathering level 1 material will require 1 punch from your pickaxe / gathering level 2 material will require 2 punches, etc…

Same with trees/rocks - we can get multiple types of wood/rocks from different locations.

Ive been playing Ultima Online for years and I really miss a real gathering in games and since VR came out? Ou I felt super excited!
Think about it like Ultima Online / Albion style gathering - that can be a lot of fun and will force others to run around the map for materials constantly and will give us even some more blueprints to craft from and some new content that will please “nonfighters” and also PvPers killing those full backpack gatherers :slight_smile:

This is just my opinion after about 20 hours in game so please feel free to “correct” me


While I like the idea of skills, several hits required instead of one is already implemented in the game and poorly working for many people… I already do NOT need one punch, and also not two (as it is still implemented for ores I think), but way more to register. Normally I wave my pickaxe back and forth numerous times until I finally hear the sound.
Which is just stupid and tedious. If I venture out to gather, then I wanna discover places, not standing on a spot for an eternity just to gather some item.

Ah ok i didnt knew about the ore…

Yes ive seen it also just running around waving pickaxe…

I ment the gathering spots will random. For example 1/3 of the trees in highsteppe will chang on trees that you can gather wood from… no camping just running around looking for stuff to kill and gather.

Ofc some materials will be bound to special locations but not to an exact spot.

After 2500+ hours in the game, I welcome the challenge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So having played lots of games with gathering classes, I like them.
From what i understand, old orbus had a fisherman “class” (had no talents or upgrades at the time) and required a few thousand fish (or more) to max out. Iirc from reading old stuff, only like one person ever actually maxed it. They removed it because it really served no purpose and wasn’t popular. To go full FFXIV and make an herbologist, miner, and fisher class…I can only imagine it wouldn’t go over well.

ok i understand that thousand fishes is kinda an overkill in VR but let me try to change your mind

  • I dont think that just having a pickaxe in your hand pointing to the floor and running around should give you any mat. - can be changed for example with a need to swing your hand at least with 45 degrees

  • Being able to gather any material anytime is not an ideal way of how to gather material. - could be enhanced with level requirements
    i.e. Highsteppe materials from lvl 1 - 9. / Flooded RF 10-19 / 20-29 / 30

  • But my favorite is still a Skill System - from level 5 you will earn an ability to gather strange materials
    e.i. Materials will be separated into multiple segments - Mining, Botanic, Fisherman and multiple levels

Highsteppe materials will be available to gather with skill 1+ (tier 1 Novice)
Flooded RF materials will be available to gather with skill 25+ (tier 2 Adept)

With every other map part there can be an additional 25 skill requirement (futureproof) and you will have to punch the material (again for example with 45 degree swing) once for level 1-24 materials and twice for 25-49, three times for 50-74, etc…

Plus for gathering material in for example caves will always have a X% chance to spawn a golem monster near you per SWING and there can be a fail to gather chance when you are for example gathering lvl 1 material with Mining level 1 -> 50% chance to success and on level 24 ->100%

This will make gathering resources much more viable and you can even add an additional special drop to those cave golems that would be spawned jsut for an events and gathering… (of course in wastelands there could be scorpions, etc)

  • There will be a cap for getting exp from gathering tier 1 material when you will already have skill to gather tier 2 material (no no no camping in the easiest locations to gather crap for leveling)

  • Getting from skill level 5 to 6 will require to gather exactly 10x tier 1 material so leveling a profession from level 1 to level 10 will require you to gather 100 pieces of tier 1 material…

  • There can be various gathering equipment for example now we have more types of fishing poles and we can have more! I want a special fishing pole for training fishing to max level (golden fishing pole with some fun and totally special look, etc)

Sorry for my English and my writing style but I really wanted to share these ideas with you guys.

Thanks if you had a time to read this and please feel free to add any suggestions or gathering related ideas.


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