Getting a Quest 2 Soon, I have some questions :)

I saved up my spare cash for a while, and come thursday I’ll have enough to buy my very first VR headset. I was browsing apps and games on the Quest page and saw this. I love MMOs. I mean I LOVE them. They are my favorite type of game to play. So this game seems like it would be right up my alley. How well does it play on the Quest 2? I looked at the reviews but they all seemed a little older. I saw reports of some crashing and stuff.

Second question is, how big is the world in OrbusVR? Is it a place I can spend days just exploring? The blurb on the site says hundreds of hours and that makes me want to buy it as soon as I have my headset powered on the first time :slight_smile:

Third question, I’m very new to VR so I don’t know what all the terms mean. The description on the website says the game is designed for room scale VR. Now, I live in a studio apartment. A tiny one. Will I not be able to play this game sitting down? I’m afraid till I can get better living arangements I have no choice but to do VR seated as I am very tall, and I am a pretty large man. If I stumbled into something I could cause a lot of damage. So hopefully someone can clear this up for me.

Could anyone reccomend a good video on youtube so I can get a good look at how it plays? :slight_smile: I’m really excited to get into this game.

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First off, welcome! Yes, you can spend years playing this game. There are more experienced players here that can speak to that, but I can tell you I have 240 hours in game since April. You can play seated, some of the best players do and in limited space. Now, you may experience motion sickness when you first start in VR. You may have to go slow and only play for a few minutes at a time. Don’t get discouraged.

Thank you, :slight_smile: I’m deffinitly getting this game then. I’m really excited :smiley:

The game is phenomenal and you should definitely get it! I warn you that it is a little slow to start… but once you get your bearings everything makes sense. I can’t say how it plays on quest 2, but I used to have a Quest and the game was a bit glitchy… enough so that I mention it… but it was totally playable!

The Orbus “world” itself isn’t actually all that big but it is is PACKED with stuff to do! Much of the questing and exploration is repetitive… but the joy of this game for me comes from the class mechanics…which are diverse and excellent on all levels.

I would also mention that the Orbus economy is amazing! There are some things which go only to those whom the RNG Gods favor…but in this game the economy can be as deep or simple as you want it to be. I think it is one of the best aspects of the game…

As far as the amount of room you need… I have 2 spaces that are wired for VR. The first in my Living Room, in which I have about 14 feet by 10 feet of play space. The second is in my finished garage and is 40 feet by 40 feet. I play very differently in the two spaces, but I can play effectively in either.

If you have a space that is smaller… say 6 foot by 6 foot I would recommend you get a textured doormat that your feet will feel when you walk off of so that you can stay centered and don’t break anything while you are slinging spells or swinging steel… I have played the game in spaces as small as that and it works… but you gotta keep making sure that you are in the middle of your playspace…which a mat will help with.

The only thing I sit down in game for is fishing…and that works fine… but I am not sure how well sitting would work with some of the classes. Sitting wouldn’t work for me…

I don’t go on YouTube so I can’t be of any help there.

You should be excited! You are gonna love it!!

I will see you there!


Holy smokes, How’d I miss this!

Each overworld zone (Highsteppe, Lamavora, Rainforest, Hulthine’s Basin, Wastelands, Forsaken Isle) is approximately 1 square kilometer, and the three DLC zones are around half that size each. There are also six dungeons and a raid. PLENTY of space to explore I’m at over 3,000 hours and still having fun in each zone :slight_smile:

Good news: I play confined to a chair. I don’t stand up for any part of the game. I used to play standing, but arthritis in the knees keeps me down most of the time. I don’t feel I’m missing on anything though!

Regarding Youtube videos, shameless plug because as far as I’m aware, I’m the only person uploading Orbus videos on the regular:

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Just like @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka said, I to only play sitting down. I have psoriatic arthritis in both knees so standing doesn’t last long for me. and you can do everything sitting or standing. and you can move around your items to fit how you play in game also.

I wouldn’t call it shameless plug, your video’s have helped so many people including myself.


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Your videos were the ones that made me decide to play Meeshka. :slight_smile: I have been playing since Monday when i got my quest and I love this game :slight_smile: