Getting blimp fish is too difficult


I’m just asking how a person is supposed to go into it 100% blind and find a blimp fish. It seems like there are so many conditions that it’s the same odds as a eclipse happening right above you specifically. From hours of fishing with all different kinds of lures I’ve figured out few things. I’ve figured out all the basic fish. And that lure parts don’t drop enough to be able to be efficient. To get enough attempts to go fishing long enough to try all the possible conditions then your gonna be grinding lure parts for at least 5 times longer. The legendary fish are simply too legendary to be an enjoyable experience for the majority of players. The 1% of people willing to grind for the fish are probably 5% of people who have caught them, the rest being by accident. Not saying the catch conditions don’t work, just saying it’s too hard to get those conditions.

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For starters, OG fish still seem to use the same lure combination that they did before. Which means that you can look online at the orbus wikis if you are interested in skipping the lure-testing phase.

Secondly, there is a potion for fishing that makes it easier to nab fish - fish scent attractor potion. Using even an un-aged version has great effects on fishing potential. IIRC, you are unlikely to net a legendary fish no matter what lures you are using if you aren’t using potions.

The community discord is a good resource for questions about specific things like when or where or what conditions are needed to net legendary fish, as I mentioned earlier.


best to use the lure at the area you finishing and when you get a nibble notification then through the blimp lure for blimps

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Or wait for Vasilia to sell them :slight_smile: (And here a big THANKS for your regular sales in Guild City, I couldn’t be on at the known times and got nearly all my blimp from there).


Well they are used to make multiples of end game potions (legendary fish in general, and also you can make them 1 at a time without legendary fish)

They are there for end game content, I would argue if you’re not playing for high end, end-game content which requires large amounts of play time, I’d argue your not the target audience for any of the legendary fish.
They are rare to help drive demand for players to sell them/potions made for them. They appear under different conditions in different areas to be difficult to find. It’s part of exploring the end-game content and to help provide the economy with valuable items.
Legendary fish also tend to be harder to reel in and use more valuable lure parts for similar reasons.

There’s plenty of fish that are always available for a casual player/fisherman.

Rare/difficult to obtain items are needed to help form an economy, not everything will be easy to catch

EDIT: one really nice thing about Orbus is the 5hour ingame day/night cycle, allows people who have a strict schedule and can only play at certain times see the game at all hours in-game time (which can be conditions for legendary fish), super nice


@Metris_Marshmallow i have 2 stacks of 99 blimps and 3 is 80 or 50 i dont remember😂

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This is where a big part of the social aspect of the game comes in. Talk to people and they will help you. We have a couple of people who are more or less fishing experts who are also very nice people. Its just like irl. Sure you can try different things and see what will catch fish but nothing beats a local fellow fishermen telling you the sweet spots. Also know that the lures from og Orbus are correct.


i know old orbus fish times at 3 pm est to 6 pm est explorer league pond was blimp and sometimes flounder