Getting OrbusVR Soon

I’m getting the Oculus Quest in a few days and I plan to get OrbusVR as soon as it arrives. I’ve been waiting to play Orbus for a while now and I’d appreciate if anyone has any tips for getting started in the game.

See you all in-game!


Welcome to the community! My biggest first thing to let you know is that this game will not hold your hand. Combat is dangerous, the world is unforgiving, but the players will help guide you through it!


Ive been trying the demo, its fun. Im probably buying it in the next week. My only suggestion is just try all the classes as they all work differently. There is an NPC in town that gives you the starting weapon for any class and each class has its own level so you don’t have to change characters.

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I always link to Rejinxs and Yecals beginners video guide for people getting their feet wet. Super informative, plus they have other videos for questions as you advance through the game. Good luck!

Here’s another resource we think will be useful for you if you need help getting started as well!