Gilded Rep Armor


When you’ve maxed out reputation for a given mission giver, make later missions completed have a chance to give gilded armor for that mission giver. Or provide a similarly end-game way to acquire new gilded reputation armor.

Still asking for rep 8 continuation

Oh yeah that’s a good point I hadn’t thought of that, we’ll talk that over on Monday and figure out some way to include foil sets for those transmogs. I think it should work fine.


Yesss!!! I want that shiny squid hat :heart_eyes:

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Wait so there is actually a cap on the reputation level? Meh.


I mean, I don’t know that, so don’t take my say so as meaning anything. I just meant after you run out of new things to buy with reputation limits.


I’m level 7 rep with fishing and about 55% of the way to rep level 8, unless someone beats me to level 8 rep, I’ll let ya know what happens once we get there


Late reply but in case it hasn’t been answered:

Seems like it. I gain no more reputation from fishing missions at rank 8. Just dram, exp, and a reward cache.


Any news on this? I’m Rep 8 with fishing haven’t done my weeklies now because my rep won’t go up, I’d love to do my weeklies for a chance to get the foiled versions of the transmog gear or have it so rep goes past level 8 and you unlock each piece as you get level 9-16 to give me a reason to continue doing the weeklies


Bump, still not heard anything about this since your post in May where you said you would talk about it in your meeting, did this get forgotten about?


I really still hope that past rep 8 we are going to be able to progress in some way… like getting goldfoil or having higher rep possible. Also still not all of the lore quests continue to lvl 8 :man_shrugging:

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most of the lore quests leave off at the point when you are about to storm the citadel, i beleive this is planned to be the next raid. so im hoping when raid 2 comes out there will be a continuation of the lore quests

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I’m bringing this thread up, because there was nothing in the patch notes about it.

We NEED to get the rep further counted, I dont care if it’s for now just still count if you turn missions in and you add rewards for it later, but the rep should go on.
I was always doing the kill quests, but I’m rep 8 and have nothing to do anymore. I’ve a lot of missions on gold, for nothing so far.
I’m still doing other vendors but meh I’m getting seriously bored.
Its not only me, there a lot of ppl I heard from that they dont know what to do anymore and its shit that the rep is not going on, so they stopped doing it.

Sooo what are the plans on this?


We’ll have further details on this in the blog post next week.