Glitchyness when teleporting back to home

After playing for the first time today, I teleported back to the player house. I tried to leave the house through the front door, but it wouldn’t let me open the door. I could go back-and-forth to the back room, but not out the front door.

I re-logged just to see if that would fix the issue, but it ended up placing my somewhere underneath the terrain near the starting village. I couldn’t move around at all, and obviously couldn’t use the teleport again at that point considering I had only just done so.

As I have to go for the night, that’s where I left it. I’m hoping teleporting again when I relog back in sometime later will help, or that I’ll be in a valid location or something.

If you’re still there when you log in, go to your Player Settings menu and press the Return to Graveyard button. That should fix it. Sorry about that!

Sometimes that happens to me when you pushed out a server update.

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