Golden Weapons/Items

I think it would be cool if there were class long term missions. The reward would be 25k dram a bunch of xp and the most important thing, Golden weapons. If you had a golden weapon equipped it would also change your items for your class like paladin books would glow gold, Musketeer orbs would have both their normal colors and gold, Shaman totems would be gold, Spells could be gold, For the bard the instrument and the mallets would be gold, Arrows would be gold along with the bow, the shield would be gold along with the sword until it breaks. Lastly scoundrel curve bullets would have a golden streak. The requirements for these class long term mission would be.

  1. Complete each dungeon 15 times
  2. Fill up the grinder pot completely 5 times
  3. Complete every raid and hardmode raid.
    4.Complete any 15 shard dungeon
    5.Be the top player in a pvp battlegrounds game
  4. Travel 10,000 meters as the class
  5. Complete 5 public events in each zone.
    Then you would get the rewards above.
    I would love to hear everyone’s feedback.

First of all how would it work with transmog weapons? Ideally its just a shader you can toggle for the class as to have golden weapon on any transmog. Secondly the only hard one here is the 15 shard dungeon, not to mention what do you mean by top player in pvp battlegrounds; if its based on kills you would really only ever see scoundrel and mage with the occasional ranger.

And if these are class specific missions then they should reflect having class specific objectives. Just spitballing but hitting X damage while keeping weakness up around 90% of the time, kill a target dummy solo, heal warrior tank through mist keeper (something decently hard to do). Warrior could have objectives like “Tank X boss without taking a single HP of damage (Damage delt to body and not shield)” or “Save an ally by blocking damage using your shield”

Those are just examples but I feel like they represent mastering a class to the point where if you are seen having it people know you’re a very good player as apposed to the objectives listed in which anyone with the right connections can get all the golden weapons and not necessarily be good at the class.

While I love the idea, youre talking something serious to show off here. I say to get the skin, you have to do all of those. They also need to be waayyy harder. For the dungeons maybe each dungeon 15 times on a shard 15. Fill up the grinder completely 100+ times. Get rep 8 with every vendor. Complete 40-50 public events in every zone. Completing the raid would be a little difficult for the class so my other idea is tokens.

Tokens. Every time you complete something, you get a token. It would take a certain amount of tokens from each activity to get enough tokens for a skin so that way you wouldn’t be forced to play a class you can’t play to get the skin.

Sure. I see your point about the pvp battlegrounds and I see that it is flawed, I like your suggestions and yes it would be a toggle to work with all transmogs. I like you warrior ideas and yes I feel that would best suit every class where the challanges are tied to them like your warrior ideas. :+1:

The thing if you make it rep8 with all vendors then when you get that done once it is completed on every class. I want to make challenges that are unique to every class and equally as hard. I do like your token idea and your 100 grinder pot fill up idea. :+1:

Yeah you’re right about the rep being a one time thing but you get what I mean

Yes I undestand. :+1:

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