Graphical Bug Journal and Books (Green Line)

I got a weird graphical bug lately and at least one guild member reported same:

Spoilers - Recipes


Relogging does not help, however, sometimes it disappears, it is not there on every login. Then it’s back again for some days. Looks like a part of the map is possibly overlaying (which I got turned off). The line also appears when opening lore books.
As visible in the screenshot, one recipe amount number is no longer readable (most others are fine).


Ive also had this a couple of times. When it appears its on every book. Player journal and picked up books have this strange green line

I have this very frequently and even had it a lot in old orbus, but I’ve only had small sprites at the top that you don’t really notice.

Hi, thanks for reporting. I’ve been trying to find out what causes it. Do you all have the map turned off?

Map turned off for me, also experiencing it in any books I pick up. Although seeing “The History of the Great s***” is rather funny


Interesting. Does the bug remain if you toggle your map back on?

Can’t test personally as I’m out of town for the rest of the decade (you know how long I’ve waited to be able to use that line?)


bug remains for me with map off and on.


While on the topic, Ive seen dungeon orbs in the book too (2D images of them, unuseable). I can’t replicate it myself but it appears from time to time.

Map off for me and I see them

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Just came on to post this. Glad to see it’s not just me. I had it last week, then booted up this morning and it was gone, but came back after an hour of play.

Unfortunately no insights as to the cause.

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Same here. Has been consistent in my Journal for the last week.

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Had this happen with map on but minimized; same thing, lore books and journal.

I have it too, but I never have the map enables, that is untill there is a weather forecast built in. :grin:

I was just in game playing with some of the newer players and I think I figured out whats causing the bug, it seems like its appearing whenever the snowman pet is around (at least for me) we will be diving deeper into it tomorrow.


I’ve had it in my house with the Monkey pet instead of Snowman. Don’t know if that helps, but it’s info!

I had it in my house with no pet equiped :confused:

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It’s nice to see the dev’s finally play the game sometimes so they can see what bugs we constantly face… (no harm intended)

I’ve had it for several weeks, consistently. Not off and on.

Thank you all for the information, we’re tracking leads down on this.