Grinding exp for leveling


Hello so far im loving the game but i was wondering if you can grind monsters for exp too. Not just finishing quests. I know its faster to finish quests for exp but sometimes i just want to relax and just kill monsters for exp. The exp bar dont look like it moves wile i kill the monsters yet it does say im getting exp after i kill a monster. So i just wanted to know if you can just kill monsters to lvl up too.


The reason why your bar barely moves when you kill stuff is because you only get like 100 exp per kill, and for every quest you turn in you get like 12000 exp. Your bar is moving, but just very very slowly.


Ah ok thanks just wanted to know.


Also killing mobs that are a higher difficulty lvl will give you more xp. The icon above their heads indicate this and you can find more about which icon means what difficulty in the player journal. You might be killing easiest difficulty mobs who give almost no to none xp.

@Mathieu_D or any other dev, maybe consider having a grinding device have an useful effect for low lvl players too for an alternative lvl path. For this type of reason is why I like killing mobs myself for overlvling atm.


I’m with you on that, I’d prefer to just hop in kill a few monster and level up overtime.


Iam not, i hate grinders…destroys any game and the narrative connected to it, do the quest if you want the XP or go play black desert online, i have no intention waving a sword for hours to get a lvl…
Keep in mind not everybody plays siting down like grinders, i actuality locomotion walk and move, so grinding…is not gaming…that is soules and pointless…like digging all day in real life to get some dirt, instead of building a house…what is wrong with people these days…no shortcuts :slight_smile:


I understand that there are ppl who don’t want to grind. But we were asking for the option. Not for making it the only method. So you don’t have to worry about it destroying the game, not that there is any prove of having that effect every time.

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You’re likely a new player :wink: … (lore) quests don’t give any xp, missions are redundant and after your 2nd or 3rd class leveling missions are all done, you are down to daily and weekly missions, most people grind events instead for xp, doing them over and over and over.

And as Scott said, since it’s not required, an additional option takes nothing away from those not using it, but using the existing ones.


In the original you ran our of quests often about 3/4 through your second class and all you could do to level the rest of the way was grind. Grinding made it so that every one who was max level was actually decent at their class and knew what they were doing. Grinding was actually a really good part of the game.


I agree. In OG, if you were 20 in a class, it was safe to assume you were at least mildly familiar with its mechanics. But now, I know several folks with lvl 30s that haven’t even so much as pulled out the weapon.


Yeah, I can honestly say I have a 30 runemage and have played it, in total, like an hour. Just to have something to dump the daily exp into that isn’t overlevels. XD