Group XP Functionality inconsistent

I noticed while being helped with the weapon cart quest in the jungle that my xp was fairly inconsistent from mobs. It was only myself and lvl 20 Elk in a party and nobody else around. I was under the impression that while in a party, as long as you did some damage, healed etc that the xp from the mob was split equally among party members. However, it seemed to me that the amount of xp I was getting was changing dependent on the amount of damage I did compared to Elk who was in my party. Is this functioning as intended?

Disclaimer: I could be a crazy person.

Did it vary based on the group xp modifier?

No it was more on the scale of like 15 xp vs 150 xp.

And when you got 15 xp, Elk got 150 xp ? (as example) Or do you not know how much xp Elk got?

No idea what Elk was getting.

I think I saw the devs post something about your damage or healing contributing to your xp and your potentially if you get loot or not

I’ve noticed this as well. I suspect there may be an issue when one person basically does more than 100% worth of the health of the mob in damage, even if someone else did damage too.

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Can you be more specific about what you were killing and what level you were (I know you said Elk was 20). The amount of XP you get from killing something is dependent on its relative strength value to you…are you saying you were killing the exact same thing over and over and it was different each time?

This actually shouldn’t matter as it’s based on the aggro table of the mob not the health or anything like that. It’s very common for the total aggro to be way more than the mob’s healthpool…

That is what it seemed like. I was level 11 on archer. It was a mix of killing frogs healers, boars, wasps, and the guards that spawn from the cart. (Only things in the cart’s path) It looked like my xp would be as little as like 15 xp if I only got one arrow on the mob before it died. However on others where I got it half way before Elk nuked it then I was seeing a much higher amount of xp. It was the occurrence of the really low numbers there that really caught my attention.

So the frog healers are a really different level in that area than the rest. So it might be you were just seeing that. If you test it on the same exact creature (level and all) and then you are getting different values based on whether or not you do a lot of damage to it, let me know.

That said, this also makes me realize there’s kind of a loophole in that if you party up with someone Level 20 at Level 1, and just run around with them one-shotting everything, you are getting “full XP” for it…so it might be we need to do something where you can’t get credit XP-wise for killing stuff if another person in your party is “No Challenge” to the monster or something…

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