Guardian Bart experience

When I first entered I at no time was told about waving at NPCs to get them to talk to me.

Guardian Bart instructed me to go to training dummy by pressing my track pad. I am an oculus user, no track pad.

When he told me about ability arrows The text was slightly wrong. He said “a Ability Arrows” the a shouldn’t be there.

It’s been awhile since I played with my bow but I am now having the same issues as @OysterBarron my bow just starts twitching left and right when I knock an arrow. This never happened before. Like I said though it’s been several weeks since I tried my bow.

When talking about the compass he says it will help “should you have cause leave the village.” should read cause to leave the village.

I have both shields in my inventory but it wont let me equip one. It lets me equip my sword but doesn’t allow me to equip a shield. However, when I reach behind me with my off hand, the small shield comes out. No way to change it for the tower shield nor have my equipment sheet reflect what shield I’m using.

The sword goes in the class abillity slot directly below the player avatar (where the arrows and orbs go), I will add something to the shield page to explain this. There is a Shout function that should be displaying text above his head explaining the waving mechanic, it always shows up for me on the vive, but it just recently stopped showing up for Riley on the Rift, so we are tracking that one down currently, if we dont have a solid fix in a day I will add an additional Help sign to explain. Thanks for the feedback

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