Guided Tours leader revealed!


Yea, so you want to harass me in discord, so this is your doing.

PenerPiper is GeneralRaam/DoctorHolmes

I have enough respect for everyone else in your garbage guild to keep their identities safe, but you’re a POS when you start harassing me in discord.

Ironic when you consider you were calling out EK members to admit they had alts in Laughing Coffin.


Wow that’s nice to know but what exactly is this. AS what they do is really a jerk thing because they got me before and i acknowledged that i was dumb enough to follow but luckily i did not have anything super good. But making a hate topic specifically on “PenerPiper”, GeneralRaam and doctor holmes is a very dumb thing to do if you were being harassed you should have reported his discord acc and blocked him. Don’t really see a purpose for this thread but rather try posting where it belongs? Making a hate topic specifically targeting somebody is not something that belongs on the forums man. Anyway any new players do not follow Guided Tours.


Player callout posts are against the rules and don’t belong on the forums, no matter what or who the subject is.