Guild chest not functioning


When I enter the guild hall I can’t use the guild chest and my menu doesn’t show that I am in the guild but after I leave guild city I can see that I am in the guild on my menu.


Hi, is this still happening once you logged out and came back? And if so what is your character name and the name of the guild you’re in?


Yes I have logged out and logged back in multiple times, my username is NullByte, and the fellowship I am in is the Monday Knights



It looks like this is deeper than just the guild chest. The orbus armory is not showing Null as being in our guild (Monday Knights) either, and did not give us credit for our raid on Monday. Our party was NullByte, Meg, Xicor, Sinya, Promiedota, August, Atropos, Charlol from MK and two others (Scott, Sparky) not from the guild.

For some reason, NullByte is showing in game as part of the guild (on our fellow tabs, under his character name), but not giving him the recognition.


He isn’t showing on the armory in the fellowship as his API isn’t showing he is a part of the fellowship, this is one of those things that @Riley_D normally fixes, probably the reason he can’t see anything in the guild chest for a guess too


Okay logout and back in and see if it’s fixed for you now Null.


Yes it is now working properly. Thanks