Hands shaking on rift

Sorry if this is already been addressed.

On my rift, my hands start shaking and I can’t click anything then after a minute or so they go back to normal. But this seems to happen every couple minutes to the point where it’s hard to play, and impossible to draw runes.

Any ideas on how to fix? I’ve made sure it wasn’t my batteries or my sensors.

It happens a few times to me really bad when I talk to the store guy, but i usually log out and log in. It might have to do with the specs of your computer, mine went away when i reduced the settings. Maybe try that.

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Sometimes with my rift I get 2 pairs of hands, one inside the other. One pair is the oculus rift home glass like sparkle hands and the other is orbus hands.

Think it is happening when I start orbus to quickly before oculus home finishes loading.

Sneaky, I had the same problem. It’s been discussed in the following thread.

I think this issue is different to the issue the OP is having.

I got this issue a few times too. At the same time, both CPU and GPU usage skyrocketed to 100%, but didn’t manage to catch whether it was the Orbus client or something else on my PC.

High CPU usage probably causes the tracking to go wonky on the rift, hence the shaking. I’ll keep an eye out to see what causes the spike if it happens again


Just a follow up to this post, I played about 8 hours yesterday without this happening once again. Leads me to believe that it wasn’t in fact the game causing it but something else on my computer. I’ll update again if it occurs in the future

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