Happy Holidays! OrbusVR:Reborn is 40% off on all platforms

Happy holidays to everyone from the development team, just wanted to drop in and share a video we made celebrating our two year anniversary and how far we have come since that first pre-alpha stress test we did over two years ago. Wanted to also thank the community that has been with us and supported us along our path here today, along with welcoming those that may be getting the game around the holidays.

As the title says we are also currently 40% off on all platforms, so we are looking forward to seeing the new players around Highsteppe in the near future! Hope everyone gets time to spend with their IRL families along with their Orbus family and friends this holiday season!

Video-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrfLVBtujfs&feature=share


Thank you Ruper- Robert. Robert. Thank you Robert. <3


I expect a ton of new players :slight_smile:

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