Harassment in game getting worse

Harassment to minors in orbus is getting worse usually after 10pmest. I friend in the guild I’m in is so uncomfortable there taking a break from orbus please please please if you see anything like this report it. They are targeting female minors from what I can tell so please be aware if you are a minor on late at night emidiatly mute/report them if they start to Harass you. They are saying vile and disgusting things from what I’m told. It’s up to us as a community to fix this behavior and make it clear to any and all players this is NOT Acceptable and unexcusable behavior


Hi, that type of conduct is absolutely unacceptable and we follow up on all reports (via email, make sure you check there after reports) and take actions. Please do report any of it if you witness it so we can enforce the Code of Conduct and the safety of our players.

Also, if you have any additional details or a video you want to share, you can PM me about specific players you want to talk about. Thank you.

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