Harvest Festival Returns on October 27th!

Hi everyone, the Fall Festival returns on October 27th and we wanted to highlight a preview of the returning content and rewards and the new additions to it.
Since this was the first returning festival, we had to think of how we were going to add to it and what we kept. As a result, certain rewards from last year (but not all) will be coming back, and we added some new quests and rewards to this year’s.

Check it out:

Also do note that the 2019 cape shown in the post mistakenly did not make it in last year, but will now be bought from the achievement vendor for players who had last year’s achievement completed. Thanks!


Omg, that coffin mount!

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wow its already been a whole year?

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"“If you earned this achievement last year, you can also pick up a 2019 cape from the Achievement vendor.”

When you caught almost 500 stupid monkeys and your Oculus died :frowning:

that would be a oof moment

I can’t start the quest for the mount. I wave at the farmer lady outside critter capture but she says nothing. I have done the critter capture and the three festival quests. Is there any other requirements for the mount quest?

We’re working on a fix for this, right now we’re investigating player data to see what is causing the issue for certain players. Once we find it, we should be able to push out a fix and you’ll be able to go grab it.


The fix for the issue where certain players have been unable to speak to the Festival Farmer NPC inside Highsteppe to do the fourth quest of the festival should be out. Please give it a try and let us know if it works or you’re still having issues.

If it doesn’t work for you, let us know your character name as well.

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I wish there were harvest quests in the dlc. That would be epic and sell more copies of the secrets of mugwood dlc. I love the bantam armors btw. Thanks for the fun though.

Works fine for me now.


It worked now, for me HandyGadget. I got the escort quest and finished it. Thanks Devs.


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