Harvesting imposible

Im not sure how we are supposed to farm these? Harvestables spawning on Mountains and the like seem to block them from being spawned on a walkable area.

what area is this in?

Lucian wild zone, up the ramp

It also happened in Frosten Spit, not on a mountain but still a can’t-teleport-there area

Lucian plains

Yep frosted spit is another offending area, on the ridge opposite to the entrances into the area, near where the blue argus target camp is. The steeper facing hill has no pathing on it making it impossible to collect any resources spawned on it’s side.

There are a number of these throughout the game… my understanding is that we should provide screenshots and as detailed information as possible on the location… which is what this thread seems to be doing, so I’d say we should keep it up!

also some are right down to the coast bank where players couldn’t get near to.

Desert wilds

Far end of the middle line in the desert wilds. On the left when looking from the graveyard.

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