Have player mouths open/move when talking


I have noticed that often times players find it hard to identify who is talking in a group setting.

If it’s possible, it might be helpful to implement some kind of mechanic where a player’s mouth would open or move based on their microphone output. This will not only help players identify who is talking, but also improve immersion (which is always a plus for vr games).

Just a thought.



Second! :smiley: until I get to where I recognize someone’s voice, I’m like “which one of you said that?” - “me.” - “…raise your hand.” xD


Oh yes, I would like to see this as well.
I spend most of my VR time in Anyland and when socializing it makes a huge difference with people whose avatars’ heads/mouths are animated when they talk (even non-humanoids like robot avatars with lights that blink when they speak) and those that are static.


At minimum we could have the “voice enabled” indicator in the character nameplate glow when an individual is talking


Better voip indicators (shows only when people are actually talking).

Better voip icon locations (show it near your HP bar for example if you are not muted).

Rec Room style visuals for talking for flavor.

I dont think we should expect this stuff to happen any time soon though however cool it would be. I only imagine that every social game eventually will have VR chat type customization and features.

Yes please! Great idea!

I think some kind of mechanic like this would help out a lot. It would also be great if we got something that made it easier to spot who shouted about needing healing in battle.

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“Who said that?! Yell your name!” /frantically looks at everyone’s xp bar
…but then sometimes it’s too late… :cry:

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Yup exactly! Especially because people seem to do 1 of 2 things while dying- flee or stay put. I never know where to look, lol.

Now that you say that, one of the common questions I should have included above is also “where are you?!” :sweat_smile:

Oh, the panic of battle :rofl: fun stuff

Chat indicators I believe are on the list but I think that the current compass set up could be improved by treating the stone down the center of it as a button to toggle chat instead of shaking it like a prom night baby when it accidentally changes because you moved it away from your mouth just a tad too quickly

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