Head Start Launcher Download

We’ll be using the same Launcher we’ve been using during the Beta for the Head Start. Here is the download link:


(Ignore the fact that it says “Welcome to the OrbusVR Alpha”, that is the correct Launcher).

Once you download the Launcher, extract the ZIP folder to a place on your computer (e.g. your Desktop). We do not recommend putting it in your Program Files folder, or you may have to run it as an Administrator.

Once unzipped, run the OrbusVR_Launcher.exe file in the root directory. Then login to your account and the game will download. It’s approximately 3.5 GB in size.

Note that we may have to do another patch tomorrow morning, so be sure to run the Launcher early if you want to hop in right when the Head Start begins.

If you have any questions, please just let us know. Thanks!

(If you have a slow download speed with our Launcher, here is a direct download link to a pre-patched version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tzbddBcnGiXaM0WLoTqjekR1iM-Cxi2m/view?usp=sharing )

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It seems u updated the client again. The downloader I got from that external download link already seems to be outdated. WIll u provide a new link?

I am still working on the final patch, it should be ready in a bit. When I do I will provide a new fully-patched link.


The final patch is now out for the Head Start. Just restart your Launcher to get it. It’s about a 300MB download total if you already had downloaded the “main” patch. I’ve updated the link in the original post with the new alternate download location. Thanks!


I’ve updated the first post with the new pre-patched launcher download, just FYI.

The server is still showing offline?

The Headstart ended about 2 hrs ago, the servers will come back online on Dec 15th at 12 CST for EA.

I keep seeing multiple sources with conflicting information. When will the servers stay online?

On Dec 15th at 12 CST we launch into EA and the servers will stay up from that point on, sorry for any confusion.

Everything official has been very consistent, id recommed the official dev blogs, developer comments here, and the community discord to get accurate information :slight_smile:

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