Headset recommendations?

Hey everyone

So I played a lot of Orbus and super love it already, although it shows me how little stamina I actually have. Just killing two or three Redtail as Warrior already gets me out of breath >_>" (no I’m not a fat fuck, I actually had lung surgiers earleir this year ; v ;" but lets not get carried away).
But I have one Issue that bugs me a lot. When I use my PC an play games with friends I usually just wear my old headset and use a microfon which is standing on my table. So when I play Orbus and I’m standing in the room and try to talk to people they almost don’t hear me since I’m way too far away from the mic.
And since my headset cable is too short I couldn’t just use that. So I figuered, I will just get a wireless headset which I can use to talk in Orbus. Now the question is which one.

So could you guys give me some recommendations? Or is there maybe even another way where I won’t need a wireless headset? I know the vive has the Headphones port at the back, but I can’t recall it having a port for a mic so I don’t think I could plug in a headset there, or can I?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Than I have some good news for you. The Vive has his own microphone build in. :slight_smile: You should be able to use that microphone. Check your ‘Playback Devices’ (Right mouse click on your sound icon of Windows) while steamVR is launched. You can set it as ‘default device’ there (if it isn’t already).

Whichever you can afford is my suggestion. I personally like the Vive more than my friends Oculus but if it came down to having the money or not I would just get an oculus and call it a good day.

I think he was talking about a headphone headset. So headphone and microphone. Not a VR headset.

OH haha. Silly me. :cowboy_hat_face:

I asked the same question on TribalInstincts Discord and got the advice to try out HtC Vive Advanced Audio Headstrap. I did that and it is great! It adds the benefit of a much easier “puttin-it-on”-procedure if you have glasses like I do. With Oculus I can’t tell though…

I use the logitech g933 and love it, for what it’s worth.

ooooh I didnt know that :smiley: Then I gotta check this out thank you very much :slight_smile:

Yeah I didn’t know that the first half year that I used my Vive :stuck_out_tongue: