Headstart bugs 24hour

A few bugs I remember during the headstart

  • ice lance in the journal page is cut off
  • I have a few blank pages in my jounral right after the plains map. Are these suppose to be the jungle desert maps, I have completed the main quest.
  • sometimes ice lance goes through the enemy and doesn’t do any damage. This happened quite a few times over the 24 hour test
  • audio is still chopping out for guild and party chat
  • got rolled back to the wendercrest quest

Something I’ve noticed in the last few tests is that Ice Lance will do not frozen damage on a frozen mob… happens about 1 in 15-20 hits I’d say. Never used to happen at all.

Another one I forgot, is in the desert, near the ruins where the pyramid heads are, if you try to attack with a spell, it immediately blows up to an invisible wall. This happened in a few places.

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