Healing potions giving less health back


finley aged concentrated healing potions heal more then finley aged enhanced healing potions, it it supposed to be like this?

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Lol. Probably not.
@Mathieu_D ?


The base healing of the Finely Aged Enhanced is nearly twice that of the Finely Aged Concentrated, however it looks like the Finely Aged Enhanced was incorrectly not giving the Renew effect that the Finely Aged ones should give, so that may have been the issue you were seeing. I will fix that for Tuesday’s patch. Thanks!


The base healing of the Finely Aged Enhanced is actually less then the base of Finely Aged Concentrated healing for me though as well so while looking into the renew please look at this to


I mean I’m looking at the code and that’s not the case. The Finely Aged Concentrated heals for 18k and the Finely Aged Enhanced heals for 30k. The regular Aged Enhanced (not Finely Aged) is 20k, and the non-aged Enhanced is 12k, is it possible you were using one of those?


i used finley aged of both kinds, i switched from a lvl 1 class to 30 and drank one, and repeated that. they appeared to do the same healing although i guess that is a rough way to do it


and i did this using paladin witch has a lot of life so i defiantly could be wrong


Does it show in the combat log what it is healing? @Trumpchange


im not that inclined to tech stuff scott lol


I can check this tomorrow after work


The renew effect is still not working. Actually the big heal is working but does not show in the combat log and the renew effect is 150 health a tick with is less then a pixel over the whole renew effect xD

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The instant heal also give only 25% or less health which is much less than what the lv20 finely aged gave in old orbus at lv20.


I think the problem is it is not accounting for all large health pools in Reborn. In old Orbus it was practically a full heal. I think you need to up the healing, b/c right now a finely aged concentrated does not do much.


We’ll look into it