Here's an idea!

Instead of berating a tiny dev team for long gaps between content drops, we as a community could band together to help solve the core issue: Orbus doesn’t make enough money to sustain a faster release cycle.

There’s a few ways we can help with this: The easiest one is just to have more people creating and posting Orbus related content online. More Orbus videos on YouTube, more posts about the game on social media. Try and get the word out there if you enjoy the game.

With help from the devs it may be possible to do some sort of fundraising drive, although that would likely only work if it accompanied a content drop.

Something needs to be done to help keep this game afloat. I love this game, and I can’t stand to see it fall apart.


I will say this again, I love Orbus. I love the Devs. And I love the community.

I want to see it prosper as much as you do. And even get back into playing it as regularly as I used to.

But why delegate this to the players to get the word out all on their own? I feel like the commercial success of the game should fall on the devs shoulder. They should be the one’s selling their product. Not me or you. Making content on Orbus should be for nothing more than fun, informational, or documentitive. Making videos for nothing more than the express purpose to entice other people just doesn’t seem like it would be a great venture. Nor would it sit right.

If you want to make videos, along with anyone else for that reason, then go for it. I’d love to see it all regardless.

Although, if i’m honest? I rather play a monthly subscription to play Orbus if it can guarantee enough revenue for the devs to fix and create more. As well as even be able to offer somewhat of a budget for advertising.

Some people may disagree with that, but i’m more than willing to do that. I care about this game a lot.


Getting people to talk about your product is the best way of commercializing it it’s both cost effective and brings in more people. Let’s take zenith for example a major reason they got as popular as they did is because they were able to get a lot of people to talk about it by making trailers and paying big streamers to stream their game. If devs try to just make commercials it will probably end up being a big waste of money


+1 to what both @Ghin and @stone_r said.

To add my personal 2 cents to this, the devs really need to fix the foundation (desync etc issues, by now every regular orbus player/forum reader know what they are) before it would make any sense for the devs themselves to openly advertise at all.

If we make the hypothetical jump which would be all those issues fixed, along with the hardware able to handle a much larger playerbase, then it would definetely make sense for them to openly advertise. Most likely with quite a positive return as well. But in the games current state, warts and all, it would be a risky move likely costing them more than they’d get in return boith in terms of money and reputation.


Exactly. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement. Especially when it comes to indie games.

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I think some sort of subscription would be good. Just need exclusive cosmetics or pets and the like. It would bring in some additional funding that, depending how many people subscribe, could help expand the team so they can actually tackle the issues.

I don’t like the idea of a subscription just to play because it would cut the population even further.

yeah but the companies don’t tell their customers to advertise for them. if I shop at Walmart, jt isnt my job to then post stuff on Instagram about Walmart and make videos online about why people should shop at Walmart. its the job of the employees specifically one trained to advertise for that company.

Isn’t these two sentences contradictory?

So you’re saying that advertising and making trailers and also paying people with an audience to play Zenith helped it grow, but such wont occur with Orbus?

Regardless of the point you’re trying to make, I fully agree. Word of mouth for games like these would be the best bet in the end to generate more people playing. But there’s only so much the current player base can do. I know I’ve tried to get people to play. But they couldn’t look past the bugs, desyncs, limitations, etc as we have. Some certainly can. But most won’t.

So advertising can and will generate plenty of players to the game. Weather it would be a good fanatical decision for the team is something I cannot comment on.

I disagree.

Sure, there would be a slight population cut. But if anything a subscription actually KEEPS people playing once they’ve invested the money. In psychology, its referred to as “sunk cost fallacy”.

People who put money into it month after month will be more willing to play and put effort in. As they are actively invested in it. And the players who already play and enjoy Orbus will have no problems paying monthly as well. Especially because we know its going to the dev team to continue fixing issues and making content. Which would then allow bigger updates faster. Thusly, also generating more players interested.

I feel like Walmart is a terrible comparison, if you see a orbus commercial there might be 1/100 people who actually have a vr headset to even consider playing it if you see a Walmart commercial 100/100 of those people need water and food which they sell at Walmart making people go there
You cant commercialize a game like orbus the same way you commercialize a company like Walmart it simply would fail

Zenith fortnite cod ect all paid streamers aka customers to advertise their game and that has proven to bring in a large majority of players

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Walmart is a multibillion dollar company and in a completely different field. Games are advertised by communities all the time. Most games don’t advertise more than a month after release unless they’re getting a huge update.

oh then ig they owe me some money cos I ain’t getting paid.

you missed my point. supermarket, game, car company, etc. they dont tell their customers to advertise. maybe cars cos rhe logo is on them, but my point stands. we as the consumer should not have to advertise orbus. orbus should be advertising orbus and I know they have an Instagram page but there’s way more they can be doing.

you looked too deep into it lol. it was just an example. even if this were a pc game, I see posters for cod and all kinds of stuff up. those are made by the company themselves.


Could you point me to where a dev asked us to advertise? I, as a member of the community who doesn’t want to see a game I care about die out, I think the community should at least make an effort. I am not a dev, I get no money from seeing Orbus succeed, I just want to keep one of my most played games of all time from dying out.

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But do you really think that though?
I mean, games are a bit like websites. Heck, even like brands.

For websites, a regular “user” generally give new pages very few seconds of attention before they decide if it is worth digging deeper into it (for information the user is looking for, excitement, entertainment etc). If the user decides against that website in those initial seconds (for whichever reason), chances are they will never come back to it. Even if the website improves, that user will most likely never know and is a “lost viewer”.

Brands are a bit the same. Once you have a bad experience with a brand, chances are you will avoid that brand in the future, even if the brand/products improves.

What i am trying to say here, is that if the Orbus community does a lot of “advertising” for the game and brings in a lot of new players, chances are also that many of those players will disappear again due to the (age old) bugs and latency issues. And even if the devs fix them (after the fact), they are not likely to ever come back and try again.

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